Here are some cool people and links:

Paula Brindisi — She is from Argentina and lived for a time in Barcelona because of it’s more liberal nudity laws.  She is basically an activist for nude rights, staging public protests and sometimes getting herself arrested.

Natalia Avseenko — A Russian scientists who studies whales, and who concluded that the whales would let her get close to them only if she were naked.  This would be remarkable enough, but she also does this in an area so far north they have to cut a hole in the ice for her to get into the water.

  • A 2011 Daily Mail story with great photos.
  • An aMAZing 37-minute video showing her preparation and going down in the cold water.  To do this, she is accompanied by divers in wet suits with oxygen tanks, and when she needs a breath of air she swims over to one of them to suck on their oxygen.  And here is a lecture she gave (in English) on facing her fears.

Norwegian actress Marte Germaine Christensen in Jenny Hval’s music video “The Great Undressing, in which she depicts a woman living her life nude among clothed society.

Marisa Papen — a model based in Belgium

The writings of Molly McMann