Molly and Ariel

When I was little, everyone said I looked like Ariel, Disney’s “Little Mermaid.”  They said that about my sister Mona also, but she disliked the comparison while I adored it.  I had lots of Ariel bling in my childhood and many hand-made birthday cards in which Ariel cutouts were used to represent me.  People sometimes dotted these with freckles because Ariel herself (suspiciously) had none.molly_ariel33

This comparison continued as I grew up, and sometime during that period the “Ariel Meme” ran rampant on the InterWeb.  People constantly sent me links to a range of wholesome-to-dirty re-imagined versions of my unfreckled doppleganger.

Fast-forward to recently: So I started this blog/website where I posted my various writings, some fiction and some memoir.   When I posted “Molly and the Roommates,” and then “Molly Gets Spanked,” and sent these URLs to various friends, I soon began receiving in my email a fresh wave of Ariel images.  Most of these I had seen before, but some not and others were Photoshopped  into other images to depict moments in those stories.

So this became a group game — finding/morphing Ariel images to accompany the story.  By the time I posted “Molly Unbound,” the Molly-Arial Mini-Meme had taken on a life of its own.  I have posted many/most of these and will continue to do so as reasonably competent contributions are made.

I have joined in myself, not with the Ariel images for the most part, but in the quest for images that feel like a good fit other people and events I have written about.






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