What a Girl Will Do for Love

Betsy had only been teasing when she told her new girlfriend, Kate, she was a nudist. And when she said she wished she could give away all of her clothing and go naked everywhere, that was during sex! It was just a fantasy! But Kate misunderstood — abruptly making a career sacrifice so they could move to the only place in the country where Betsy could live her dream. What would Betsy do?

Part 1 – Shy, submissive Betsy falls in love with dominating Kate, but there is a misunderstanding. Kate makes a personal sacrifice to give Betsy something Kate thinks she wants.

Part 2 – Afraid of losing Kate if she admits the truth, Betsy pretends to enjoy the gift. Her predicament becomes very public when she has to work at a televised art auction. Working at a job delivering campus mail on rollerblades, Betsy meets Dean and Michelle.

Part 3 – Betsy gets on TV again when she competes in a rollerskating race. Later, she has to go to an elegant party with Kate.

Part 4 – Betsy receives a phone call from her sister, Hannah, and is alarmed to learn that her family has seen the TV clips on the Internet. She also frets having to start Fall Semester with the misunderstanding unresolved. Michelle helps Betsy with an embarrassing problem, and Betsy has a new encounter with Dean.

Part 5 – Betsy finds herself in flirtatious encounters with Dean and then Michelle, and a hammock “accident” puts Betsy and Michelle in an intimate position. Meanwhile, autumn brings cooler weather, and Betsy makes plans to go shopping.

Part 6 – After a dinner party where Dean, Michelle and Kate finally meet, Betsy makes a decision. October brings more weather challenges and Kate goes on a business trip.

Part 7 – While Kate is out of town, Betsy decides to paint the dining room. Later, she goes bowling with new friends.

Part 8 – With a new plan to resolve her situation without jeopardizing her relationship, Betsy relaxes and goes out dancing. Later, she has to endure the first big blizzard of the winter. Afterwards, she makes a big decision.

Part 9 – Feeling confident after resolving her predicament, Betsy goes skiing with her family over Solstice Break. She gets home just in time to greet Kate, who has a surprise of her own.

Part 10 – After an important conversation with Kate, Betsy makes new friends in a biker bar and makes plans for the future, including getting a new job.

Part 11 – Betsy starts her new job, but encounters a new conflict that will test her self-confidence and determine her future.

The writings of Molly McMann