Adventures of a naked boy in a woman’s world

I wrote this at a retreat with other women writers. However, it was just a writing exercise and I don’t consider it a finished work.  Chances are, I will never do anything further with it so I am just including it here on my site as-is.


By Molly McMann

Johnny was 21, and about to graduate from college and soon would be looking for his first job.  It didn’t really matter what subjects he had studied or what his grades had been because, after all, Johnny was a boy.  The only jobs boys could hope to get were as secretaries, store clerks or flight attendants — and they typically only held those jobs until they found a woman to marry.

Johnny wasn’t interested in getting married — at least not anytime soon.  He was a party boy, and just wanted to have a good time while he was young.  Marriage could wait a few years.

As a college student, Johnny had been like the other popular boys.  He dressed in skimpy clothing, flirted shamelessly and went to a lot of parties.  His typical outfit consisted of a tight shirt that showed off his muscles and left his arms, shoulders and midriff exposed, over a short cotton skirt that billowed in the breeze.  Like other boys, he usually wore a thong under his skirt, so a gust of wind would occasionally expose their butt cheeks to the delight of their more fully dressed female classmates.

Although school rules required boys to wear shirts in class, some boys like Johnny would go topless as they walked in between classes, or when lounging in the sun in the campus plaza.  They would strip down to their thongs to sunbathe on the grass near the boys’ dorm, untying the straps to avoid tan lines as they lay on their stomachs.

On weekends, the more adventurous boys would go to parties at the women’s dorms or sorority houses, where the women would try to get them drunk and take advantage of them.  “Good boys” avoided these parties, but Johnny was not one of them. Not that he was a slut or anything. Johnny had only had sexual intercourse with two girlfriends, and he had given oral sex to a couple more, but he only did that when he was in an actual relationship. There were other ways for a boy to have fun without commitment. Kissing was one way, and Johnny let girls kiss him all they wanted — wherever they wanted.  And while the more conservative boys might draw the line at penis-kissing, Johnny saw no reason to do so. As far as he was concerned, it didn’t count as “having sex” unless a vagina was involved. The girls all knew he was the kind of boy who enjoyed a good suck, and so he got sucked on a regular basis.

If some boys considered that slutty, Johnny didn’t care.  He wasn’t even sure why women were so eager to give him an orgasm when they didn’t get one at the same time.  Of course, women didn’t really need a boy to have orgasms. Because women ran the world had long ago focused the powers of science and technology on making the female orgasm more efficiently obtained.  Why put all the frustrating effort into intercourse when an Aphrodite 5000 fingertip could you there in seconds.  So, women didn’t really need boys anymore — but they were still fun to play with.  College girls enjoyed the “conquest” experience of getting under a boy’s skirt, getting him nice and hard and then sucking him dry.

That was fine with Johnny, and he made it easy for them by going thongless to the parties.  His shirt came off pretty quickly too, so he would spend much of the evening dancing in just a tiny skirt, swirling to show glimpses of what he had underneath.  And he did have something impressive underneath. Like other boys, he worked out and made an effort to look good, but he also benefited from great genes. Tall, broad-shouldered and naturally muscular, he also had a cute face and thick auburn hair that would never fall out.  And then there was his penis. Although it was only a little larger than average when erect, it retained most of its size when at rest. Some boys might go thongless without it being obvious, but the girls could always tell when Johnny was thongless even when his penis wasn’t hard because they could see the gentle shape of it bouncing around between his legs as he walked. At parties, they were tempted to just reach under his skirt and grab it, but it was more fun to tease him and compliment him, their hands caressing his exposed stomach or patting his butt.  Soon they would see his erection rising under the little skirt.  Johnny wore very short skirts and his penis was, shall we say, above average.

Johnny didn’t try to hide it, at least not at the parties. He sometimes went thongless to class also, but he was more circumspect then, so when an unplanned erection took place he would sit with his purse on his lap for a while until it went down. But when he went to parties at the girls’ dorms and sorority houses, Johnny wanted to show his erection off.  He liked staying hard for a nice long time — walking around a party with a full erection protruding under his skirt. Eventually, of course, one or more of the girls would get him cornered in a bedroom or other semi-private location, the skirt would come off and Johnny would get sucked — sometimes by more than one girl. Afterwards, when they went back to the party everyone would know because he wouldn’t be “showing” anymore — though it usually didn’t take long for it to start happening again.

Most of the time Johnny still had his skirt after one of these encounters, but sometimes the girls would hold onto it, making him go back out to the party entirely nude.  Though he was embarrassed to be so exposed, Johnny secretly loved it when this happened. He wished it would happen more often. He wanted to tell them, “make me go naked,” but he could not quite reveal his true secret desire.  Most of the girls assumed he just liked to party and get sucked, but in truth both of those were secondary to his true passion. Johnny wanted to be naked in social situations. Getting drunk, stripped and sucked was simply the most “normal” way to make that happen.

It wasn’t until his senior year that Johnny told a couple of the girls how he felt.  Naturally, they immediately set about exploiting this new knowledge. They concocted a “lost bet” situation and spread the word that Johnny was being “forced” to show up at the next party naked, without bringing so much as a skirt with him. Johnny had willingly gone along with the contrived wager — which he lost on purpose. Now he had to do it, and everyone knew.

The night of the party, Johnny and the other boys in his dorm went through their usual pre-party routine — working out with dumbells to make their muscles pop, taking showers and primping in front of the mirrors as they got dressed.  The other boys put on their usual skimpy outfits while Johnny remained nude. He decided to go barefoot as well to make his nudity complete, and the five or six boys left the dorm together. The girls’ dorm was a few buildings away and though it was already past dark the boys could be seen in the street lamps along the way.  Whistles and catcalls came from the windows of other dorms, and Johnny drank it up. He was nervous, but he knew this was what he wanted more than anything. His arrival was celebrated with hoots and cheers, and Johnny was the center of attention. The girls all wanted to pose for pictures with him, their hands on his body.  Soon he had an erection and this produced more cheers and photos. He knew the photos would be spread around and seen by lots of other people, but he didn’t care. When girls asked him if he was embarrassed, he answered honestly — telling them he was indeed embarrassed, but in a good way. And he also finally told them all that he loved being naked and wanted to be a nudist.  At last he had admitted it to everyone, and that news quickly spread across campus — Johnny was a nudist.

He was thrilled to have finally “come out” about his nudity, but this did not mean he could now be naked whenever he wanted.  He still lived in a part of the country where he had to at least wear a thong, and school rules required a top in class. The rules did not specify exactly what he had to wear on the bottom beyond the thong, and so Johnny started going around campus wearing only the thong and carrying a tube top to put on when he went to classes.  His exposed butt cheeks got a lot of attention. Girls could not resist touching his butt, or even slapping it as he walked by. Johnny did not dissuade them — he wanted the touch. As he returned to his dorm, Johnny would take off the thong and put it in his purse, remaining nude until he went out again.

Johnny had already been one of the more popular boys on campus, but now all the girls in his classes were asking him on dates and inviting him over to their rooms to “study.”  Although he usually ended up getting sucked sooner or later, the girls were happy spending most of the time just having him around — especially when he had his prolonged erections. At the girls’ dorms. A new tradition began in which Johnny was required to leave his thong and any other article of clothing with the girl at the reception desk — who would make a show of locking it up securely.  Sometimes, they didn’t give it back and Johnny had to walk back to his dorm nude. The college didn’t have much of a security presence — just a car that drove around now and then — so Johnny found he could get away with being nude on campus at night. He wished he could go to the bars nude, but he went to them wearing only his thong, and that was pretty nice too.

Unfortunately, all of this happened during the final weeks of his senior year.  He was graduating and had to go out in the world to get a job. Having made this recent breakthrough, however, Johnny now had the courage to pursue the “plan” he had long fantasized about. Although complete nudity in public was illegal where he lived, it wasn’t illegal everywhere. Johnny had seen photos of boys walking naked on the streets and dancing in clubs naked. Most of those were from the famously liberal city of Barcelton in the state of Caltonia, so that’s where Johnny decided to go after college.

The last week of school, Johnny started getting rid of his clothing.  He gave some of it to his friends, telling them of his plans. Some were amazed and others highly skeptical that he would go through with it.  He had been looking at job ads in Barcelton, but did not see many jobs for boys. While he waited for an opportunity, he worked on his resume and stock cover letter, trying to find a way to ask prospective employers if he could work there nude.  Johnny had a photographer friend take a portrait of him with his bare shoulders showing, and he included it in his application. Finally, he saw a job ad for an “office boy” in an advertising firm. There was no place on the job application to mention this sort of thing, so Johnny decided to put it in his cover letter. “I am a nudist,” he wrote at the end, “and am seeking employers who will accept my sincere lifestyle choice.”

A few days after he submitted the application, Johnny received an email inviting him to come in for an interview.  It was an eight-hour drive so if he was going in for the interview, he decided he might as well move there and hope to land a job within two months because by then his money would run out.  His interview was on a Monday, and on the Friday before he put all of his remaining clothing in a donation bin except his favorite skirt. Most of his friends had left after graduation, but some remained and Johnny partied with them that weekend. He wore the little skirt at the bars, but took it off as they walked up the steps to the girl’s dorm.

Sunday, he began the the long drive.  Just before he reached the “Welcome to Caltonia” sign, he pulled the string on his skirt and took it off. At the next exit, he stopped at a gas station. He got out of the car nervously and started pumping gas. No one was around to see him, and while he was waiting he reached in the car for his little skirt and tossed it into a trash bin next to the gas pump. As he drove away and got back on the highway, Johnny was giddy with joy. He no longer possessed a stitch of clothing and was beginning a new life as a nudist in a state where that was legal and accepted!

Johnny found a nice-looking motel on the outskirts of the city. Stepping out of his car, he slung his purse over his shoulder and walked confidently into the motel lobby. At the check-in desk, a very large black man in a tiny red dress looked up at him in surprise. A name tag reading “Tyrone” was precariously clipped to the string strap of his dress. “Wow, um, hi!” he giggled. “May I help you?”

“I’d like to rent a room, please,” Johnny said.

“Absolutely,” Tyrone said. He clicked away at his computer, asking Johnny all the usual questions and taking his credit card. “Do you, um, have any bags?”

“Just this,” Johnny said, holding up his purse. “I like to travel light.”

Tyrone giggled. “I must say, I adore your outfit.”

“Why thank you,” Johnny said, giving a little twirl. “Yours is lovely too. I would ask where you bought it if I still wore clothing.”

“Oh my,” Tyrone giggled. “And how long will you be staying with us?”

“I don’t know. I have a job interview tomorrow for an office boy job.”

“Oh my,” Tyrone said again. “Do they know you’re gonna be naked?”

“I hope so. If they read the last paragraph of my cover letter they do.”

“Either way, they gonna hire you on the spot, baby. So, what are you gonna do about you’re not-so-little friend when he decides he wants to . . . you know.” Here, Tyrone raised one finger in imitation of an erection.

“I have no idea,” Johnny sighed. “I’m hoping it won’t happen.”

“How old are you, sweetie?”


“Oh it’s gonna happen.”

Johnny bit his lip. “What do other nudists do about that?”

“Don’t know. Never saw one before you.”

“What??? I thought it was legal here!” Johnny looked around as if the police would burst in to arrest him any moment.”

“It IS legal, honey. You’re just fine that way. More than fine.”

“But if no one else is doing it . . . “

“Sure they do.”

“You said you’ve never seen one.” Tears spilled out of Johnny’s eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

Startled by Johnny’s reaction, Tyrone shuffled out from behind the counter on red stiletto heels. “Did I say ‘seen’? I meant I’ve never met one. Actually I’ve met some, like when they’re checking in like you, but during the daytime we’re too busy to chat like this. And I’ve seen naked boys walking around downtown and at restaurants and all kinds of places.”

“Oh, good,” Johnny said, wiping his eyes. “I guess I’m just nervous. This is such a big deal to me. I’ve dreamed about being a nudist for so long.”

“And now you are doing it, boyfriend! Don’t you worry about a thing. You’re going to get that job and live the life you want to live.”

“Thank you Tyrone,” Johnny cried, hugging the larger man.  Key in hand, Johnny went back outside to find his room. A passing car beeped its horn and a woman holding a beer bottle leaned out the passenger window yelling, “I want to suck you, baby!”

Inside the lobby, Tyrone said a little prayer for his new friend, and asked God to forgive him for telling lies. He had never actually seen a nudist walking around downtown or in a restaurant.  The poor boy had been so upset and Tyrone just wanted to calm him down.  It was a white lie, Tyrone told himself.

It took a while for Johnny to get to sleep that night, his mind a jumble of conflicting feelings.  He was nervous about his job interview, but awestruck that he was actually doing what he had so long fantasized about.  He imagined working in an office, meeting new people, going on dates — always naked. Those thoughts made him hard, and it did not take much pumping before he came.  Wiping himself with tissues and tossing them to the floor, Johnny relaxed and slept.

In the morning, he woke and stared at the unfamiliar ceiling for a moment before he remembered where he was, what he would be doing in a few hours, and how he would be dressed while doing it. After his shower, Johnny put on his body lotion and dried his hair in front of the full-length mirror. He put on perfume, earrings and a slender gold chain around his neck.  Last, he slipped on his best sandals and looked at himself in the mirror again. He was as fully dressed as he ever wanted to be.

Now that it was morning, more people were about.  They stopped and stared at the tall, naked boy as he got into his car, put down the convertible top and drove away.  Unfamiliar with the city, Johnny was too preoccupied with finding his way to notice whether people were looking at him.  Most could not tell he was nude, but a cigar-chomping woman driving a semi truck pulled up next to him at a stop light and looked down at him.  She whistled and he looked up at her. “Where you going all naked, cupcake?”

Enjoying the attention, Johnny nonchalantly replied “to a job interview.  I hope they don’t have a dress code.” The woman guffawed and the light changed. Johnny zipped away, elated.

He found the building and then drove past it looking for a parking space.  He found one two blocks away, but then sat in his car a few minutes trying to get up his nerve.  Finally he opened the door and stepped out of the car. People were everywhere and he felt them all looking at him as he fumbled for change to put into the parking meter.

Putting on his sunglasses to hide his eyes, Johnny began walking down the sidewalk, his red cloth purse bouncing against his bare butt cheek as he walked.  He’d chosen this particular purse because of its long strap.  He knew it was only a matter of time before he had an erection out in public and he would be able to casually slide the purse around in front to try to hide it.

For the moment, Johnny was far too nervous to have an erection.  He scanned the crowds, hoping to spot another nudist like the ones Tyrone had told him about, but Johnny saw only clothed people — most of them women in business suits who ogled him without bothering to pretend they were not.  Johnny had nothing against being ogled. He liked to be the target of ogling. Part of his brain was turning somersaults with joy at what he was doing This Moment, but other parts of his brain still feared it would all go wrong somehow — that people would be offended, or someone would call him slutty, or he would get to the job interview and they would not have read his last paragraph and would tell him he could not possibly work nude at their fine establishment.

Johnny had to stop at a traffic light and wait amid a gathering crowd.  When it finally changed, he strode purposefully across the street as drivers waiting at the light honked their horns and called out to him their professions of approval (many of them crudely worded).

At last, he reached the building, took a deep breath and went through the revolving door.  Pushing his sunglasses up onto his head, Johnny walked past a surprised security guard and stood looking at the directory of companies in the building. Fortunately, no one else was waiting for the elevator so Johnny had a moment alone to compose himself. The inside doors of the elevator were mirrored, and Johnny broke into a big grin as he made eye contact with himself. He loved how he looked right now. This was his true self, and whatever happened at this interview he was confident that he was doing the right thing.

The elevator opened right in front of the double glass doors of the McMartin Agency, and a dozen women in white shirts and neckties watched him approach. Johnny was relieved that at least they didn’t seem surprised that he was naked, so they must have read the last sentence of his application letter.

“Well, well, you must be Johnny,” said a red-haired woman, stepping up to him and letting her eyes run up and down his body.

“Yes, I am,” he said. “I have an appointment with Ms. McMartin.”

“That would be me, the red-haired woman said, “but you can call me Molly.”

Though other women wore their hair short and slicked down, Molly’s was shaggy and seemingly untamable. And while most women wore bras, Johnny could see the bumps of Molly’s nipples beneath her starched white shirt.

“Let’s all go in the conference room, and we can make the introductions there,” Molly said, putting her hand on Johnny’s bare back and leading him into the room.  The chairs were leather and Johnny enjoyed the cool sensation against his bottom. Molly’s hand had remained on his back and slid up his spine as he sat down, ending up on the back of his neck as the other women took their places around the table. Molly sat next to Johnny where she had a good view of his lap.

Introductions were made around the table, and Johnny did his best to remember their names. “Gosh, I’m surprised you have so many people interviewing an office boy,” he said with a hint of tease in his voice.

“Well, it’s an important job,” Molly said. “You’ll be my secretary, but also the office receptionist, and you’ll run some errands and interact in various ways with the whole team.”

“It sounds really interesting.”

“So, Johnny,” one of the other women said — and Johnny remembered that her name was Renee — “I see from your application that you’re from the Midwest.  What brings you to Barcelton?”

“Well,” Johnny said, “I’m a nudist and–”

“I noticed that,” Renee deadpanned, making everyone laugh.

Johnny felt himself blushing. “And I wanted to live someplace where I could live my life without having to wear clothes. That’s why I mentioned it in my letter. I was afraid you might not let me work naked.”

Everyone laughed, and Molly said, “you don’t have to worry about that.”  She had noticed Johnny’s penis stirring, so she added, “you really love being naked, don’t you?”

“Oh, I do!” Johnny exclaimed. “I can’t explain it, but I do!  I just want to be naked all the time.”

Molly watched as Johnny’s penis began to stand up. She was hoping he wouldn’t notice, but suddenly he blushed deeper and shifted his purse to cover himself.

Molly looked around the room at her smitten colleagues. “Well, I don’t think we need any more discussion, she said.  “The job is yours if you want it.”

“What? Really?  Are you sure?” Johnny blurted excitedly.  He jumped out of his chair without thinking, his purse falling to the floor.  Molly and the other women stood up also, and they all noticed Johnny’s erection a couple of seconds before he remembered he had one. “Omigod!” he shrieked, covering himself.

Fortunately, Johnny’s erection had not yet been full, and his distress quickly brought it under control.  Peeking under his cupped hands, he saw that it was almost back down, so he took his hands away. “I’m sorry,” he said.  “I just can’t control it sometimes. Do I still have the job?”

“Of course you do,” Molly said, laughing and putting her arm around Johnny as the other women applauded and cheered. “We want you to be comfortable around us so just relax. If you happen to get hard, I’d say that’s a good thing because it means you’re enjoying your job. I assure you, we will all get a kick out of seeing you that way, and so everybody is happy, okay?”

“That’s a big relief,” Johnny said, “because I just can’t control it.”

While she was speaking, Molly’s hand glided up and down  his back consolingly, coming to rest on his hip. “Now, speaking of you being comfortable around us pushy broads, we tend to be a physical bunch. Lots of backslapping and horseplay.  Now, some boys aren’t comfortable being touched, so I’m wondering–”

“Heck, I don’t mind that at all,” Johnny said. “I love being touched!”

“Do you now?” Molly’s hand was now on his butt cheek.

“Oh yes.  For me, it’s part of the joy of nudity. I love feeling things on my skin — especially my butt for some reason. I love sitting on a chair or a park bench on a sunny day — or what you’re doing right now.”

“What ARE you doing back there,” Renee wanted to know, unable to see Molly’s hand.

“I just gave him a collegial pat on the butt,” Molly said. “Was that okay, Johnny?”

“Sure, I love butt pats. Spanks are fun too if it’s not too hard.”

Molly grinned. And gave Johnny a loud smack. “Like that?”

“Yeah,” Johnny giggled.  “The girls at college used to spank me all the time, but I thought an office would be too serious and grown-up for that.”

“We like to keep things light-hearted around here,” Renee said, giving him her own slap and then caressing his butt with one hand and his belly with the other.  “You sure have great abs, Johnny.”

“Thank you.  I do crunches and  . . uh-oh.” Johnny looked down to see his penis rising again.  This time he didn’t try to stop it and soon it was at its full height.  “I really like being touched, but then this tends to happen. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“It’s perfectly okay, Johnny,” Molly said.  “But I suppose we should all stop horsing around and give our new employee a tour of the office.”

“Um, could we wait just a little,” Johnny asked, pushing down on his erection and trying to make it go down.

“Now, now, Johnny,” Molly said.  “Everybody has work to do. Gotta keep on schedule.”

Johnny scooped up his purse and held it in front of himself as Molly led him out of the conference room into the larger office area, where a dozen more women looked up at him expectantly.  They had, of course, seen him come in and everyone had heard the buzz that a nudist would be applying for the office boy job.

“Gals,” Molly said,  “I’m pleased to announce that Johnny here has just become our new office boy!”  The women hooted their approval, got up from their desks and began to gather around to shake Johnny’s hand.  He managed to keep his purse in place as this was going on, but then Molly said “here, let me take that for you,” and whipped it away from him.  “This here is your desk,” Molly went on, “so I’ll just put it in your drawer.”

Left without his shield, Johnny started to cover himself, but it was too late, and in truth he wanted them to see it.  “I apologize,” he said, blushing. “I love being naked, but then this always happens. I just can’t control it, and when it gets this big it just seems to lock in place and won’t go down for the longest time.”

“Johnny, I told you not to apologize for that,” Molly said, putting her arm around him again, her hand now on his butt for all to see.  “Gals, I’m sure you understand that it’s normal for boys Johnny’s age to get frequent hard-ons, so if we’re gonna have a naked office boy this sort of thing is just gonna happen.”

“Especially when you have your hand on his ass,” one of the women called out to much laughter.

“Oh, this is just collegial touch,” Molly said, “and Johnny said he likes it on account of him being a nudist and all. Explain it to them like did to you me, Johnny,” she added with a loud swat on his butt.

Now beet red, but ecstatic that this was happening, Johnny said, “that’s true, I do love being touched — in a collegial way, of course. It’s one of the nice things about being completely naked.” This prompted all of the women to express their collegiality as they welcomed Johnny to the team.  And that prompted Johnny’s penis to stand up even straighter.

“So, um, when do I start,” he asked.

“Right now, if you want,” Molly said.  And so, Johnny began his first day on the job as a naked office boy.  He sorted and distributed the mail, reorganized the stockroom, typed letters and greeted visitors at the glass-topped reception desk that did nothing to hide the erection that stubbornly held its position for nearly an hour.  It finally began to subside while Johnny was in the break room making a fresh pot of coffee. Knowing from experience that a few drops tended to seep out at such times, Johnny used his fingers to collect it and absently this finger put them to his lips.

“Oooh, can I help with that?” It was Renee, entering the break room.

“Thank you for offering,” Johnny said brightly, “but it’s all taken care of now.  When I stay hard that long, a few drips will come out.”

“Taste good?”

“There’s not really a taste,” Johnny said.  Giving himself another little squeeze, he pushed out another drop or two onto his finger and put it to her lips.  “See?  No taste, but I hate to waste it and it makes a nice moisturizer, don’t you think?”

Johnny sauntered away, busily attending to his many little errands.  It was now nearly noon and Molly flagged him down to go pick up some sandwiches at the deli.  Johnny was glad to have this new assignment because it would mean going out into the city in the heart of downtown at lunchtime.

The lunch order in his purse, Johnny stepped outside into the sunshine and put on his sunglasses.  He felt overjoyed. He had gotten a job! So he could stay! And he was going to stay naked! Every day!  He began to walk down the sidewalk to the deli, watching his reflection in shop windows, when he suddenly remembered that he had parked his car at a meter expecting his interview to be over within an hour.  The meter would have long ago expired and he might have gotten a ticket. Johnny trotted down the sidewalk, aware of his penis flopping back and forth and knowing that all the women in their suits were watching it.  As he rounded the corner, Johnny saw a police officer standing next to his car writing a ticket. He ran faster.

“Please don’t give me a ticket,” Johnny panted as he reached the officer, who looked him up and down in wonder.

“Well, well, well,” she said.  “What do we have here? Why are you all naked, little boy?”  The officer was barely five feet tall and 100 pounds, so calling him “little” might have been incongruous except both of them accepted it as true.  Johnny was just a boy, and so he was small in comparison to the powerful female police officer.

“I forgot about the time,” Johnny explained. “I went to a job interview and thought it would just be an hour or so, but they hired me and put me to work and I forgot about my car.”

“You went to a job interview naked?  What are you, an exotic dancer?”

“It’s a regular office boy job, and I’m naked because I’m a nudist.”

“Well, well, a nudist — and a well-endowed one at that.  I’ll bet the gals at the station would like to see me bring in a naked boy with his hands cuffed behind him.”

“What?” Johnny cried.  “You can’t arrest me over a parking ticket.”

“Not for that, but these are out-of-state plates.  That’s a violation.”

“I just got here last night.”

“Well, I can’t verify that.” The cop said grinning and patting the handcuffs dangling from her belt.

Tears came to Johnny’s eyes. “Please,” he said. “I already told you that I just started a new job this morning. They can tell you I just moved here.”

“Now, now, don’t get all blubbery on me,” the officer said. “I was just teasing you about that. You’re not going to get arrested, and I might not even write you this parking ticket.”

Johnny gritted his teeth.  “And how do you plan on deciding that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, but I sure wonder what that thing looks like when it gets hard.”

“I can’t DO  it on demand!” Johnny hissed.  “And this situation isn’t exactly getting me in the mood, so just give me the freaking ticket.”

“You’re a feisty one,” the cop laughed, closing her pad without writing the ticket. “I like you,” she said.

“Most people do,” Johnny said, holding his head high as he put more coins into the meter and walked away as without another glance at the officer. Poor thing. Johnny thought.  She’s probably never had a boyfriend.

Now Johnny was late picking up the deli order so he had to run three blocks, weaving in and out of women in business suits. The deli was crowded, and Johnny had to maneuver through clusters of women who did not make it easy for him.  He had to wait in line to pick up the order and then needed two hands to carry the food. A woman made a show of opening the door for him, but then squeezed his butt cheek as he went through the doorway.

Back at the office, after everyone had eaten their lunches, Molly called him into her office. “How’s everything going?” she asked.

“Really well,” Johnny replied happily.  “Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.”

“We’re glad to have you, Johnny, but I want to make sure you’re treated properly.  A naked boy running around the office is quite a temptation, and I think I should provide some behavior guidelines when I send out the official announcement of your hire.  We’ve got some gals in the field who will be in the office now and then, so you’ll see different faces from time to time.”

“Okay, if you think that’s necessary, but everyone has been nice to me so far.  I really don’t mind all the touching.”

“Well, I’m glad, but I think it’s best to get things clear.  Come around here so you can watch what I’m typing.”

Johnny came behind the desk and Molly reached her arm around him and positioned him immediately next to her.  She was seated and he was standing, which put his penis rather close to her face. It was currently at rest, having gotten a lot of exercise during the morning.

“Okay,” Molly said, “so what I’ve written so far is that you’re a nudist so of course you’ll be naked all the time.  And I mention that it’s to be expected you’ll have erections now and then, because that’s just natural for a boy your age. I’m stating that I’ve instructed you to go about your work and not waste time trying to cover it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Johnny said.

“You and I have already discussed that, but I’m mentioning it here to try to keep them from making a big deal out of it. So then I say that, as a nudist you don’t mind being touched, and that they should feel free to do so in a normal, collegial manner — putting their hands on your arm or your back while their talking to you, maybe patting you on the butt or giving you a little spank for encouragement.”

“I do like having my butt spanked,” Johnny said.  “As long as it’s not too hard.”

Taking her right hand off the keyboard, Molly slipped it behind Johnny and gave him a slap on the butt.  “Was that too hard?” Molly kept her hand on Johnny’s butt as she asked the question. Johnny’s penis started to lengthen, and both of them noticed.

“You could do it a little harder, actually,” Johnny said.

Molly gave him another swat and again left her hand in place, this time caressing Johnny’s butt lightly.

“That one was just right,” Johnny said.  “And I love how you’re touching me right now.  It feels so . . . collegial.”

Molly smiled, watching Johnny’s penis flower into a full erection a few inches from her eyes.  “Now that’s what I like to see, Johnny, because it tells me you’re comfortable.” She reluctantly took her hand away and returned it to the keyboard so she could continue typing.  “So I’ll just say any kind of butt touching is okay.”

“Sure,” Johnny said. “That keeps it simple.  Come to think of it, the simplest way to put it is that they can touch me anywhere. I really don’t mind”

“Even your dick?”

“Well . . . in a collegial way.  And could we call it a penis?”

“Okay, that’s helpful, but what would you say is a collegial way to touch your penis.”

“Hmmm, well, I guess what I think is appropriate is when someone just gives it a little squeeze for a few seconds — not pumping or jerking or trying to get me to have an orgasm or anything like that.  Just a little squeeze.”

“So . . . like this?”  Molly reached up and gave it a try.

“Sure,” Johnny said.  “That was perfect.”

“Okay, let’s write this now,” Molly said, as she started typing again.  “As with other forms of collegial touch elsewhere on his body, Johnny doesn’t mind it when you give his penis a little squeeze.  We can demonstrate this at the next staff meeting.”

“Or they could just ask me, I guess.”

“Right, right.  I meant to mention that about the spankings.  Here we go: In any of your physical interactions with Johnny, just make sure he’s comfortable with what you’re doing.  If you spank him on the butt, ask him if it was too hard and then moderate your next slap accordingly. Same goes with his penis  If you give it a squeeze, ask Johnny if it felt right and then change how you’re doing it to suit him. We want our Johnny to be happy.”

“Oh, I’m so grateful that you’re doing this,” Johnny said, his eyes shining in sincerity, “but I don’t want my nudity to cause you extra work.”

Molly stopped typing and put her hand back on Johnny’s butt cheek.  “It’s always good to remind women they need to be respectful when we have a boy in the office, and every boy is different in what he’s comfortable with. Our last office boy was always complaining.”

“Well, I’m not like that,” Johnny said. “I like almost everything.”

“Well, I want to be sure we know your boundaries,” Molly said. “What about collegial kissing?”

“Ooooh, right,” Johnny said.  “I did get a couple of little kisses this morning, but I was fine with it.”

“How would you describe collegial kissing, Johnny?”

“Keep your mouth closed, and it only lasts a few seconds.”

“Got it.  What body parts can they kiss.”

“Any of them, I guess. I like being kissed pretty much anywhere — in a collegial manner.”

“Di– uh, penis too.”

“If their mouths are closed, sure,” Johnny said.  “But this is where I draw the line — no actual penis-sucking.”

“Okay, so no–”

“Unless they ask first.”


“I’m fine with people touching and kissing me without asking permission first — because that’s just spontaneous collegial interaction — but I don’t really think there’s such a thing as collegial penis sucking.”

“You have a good point,” Molly said.

“Of course, I do enjoy getting my penis sucked,” Johnny said, “but it’s more of a friendship thing, so I would have to get to know someone better before doing that.”

“Right, well–”

“I hope that doesn’t sound snotty,” Johnny said, a concerned look on his face.  “I want to be a team player and all, but I just really feel pretty strongly that a boy ought to be in control when it comes to having his penis sucked.”

“I think that’s reasonable,” Molly said, typing away.  So “I’m writing: Please do not attempt to put Johnny’s penis in your mouth without asking him first if it is okay to do so.”

“That’s just fine,” Johnny said.

“Well let’s practice it then,” Molly said.  “Johnny, may I suck your penis?”

“That sounds delightful,” Johnny replied. “Thank you so much for offering.  I do love to have my penis sucked, but not today.”

“That should work out just fine,” Molly said, caressing his butt.  “And just so you know, I meant that. If you ever want me to suck you, I’d love to do so.  But I don’t want to pressure you or anything. It’s okay if you don’t–”

“I DO,” Johnny said.  “To be honest, I really want you to suck my penis — eventually. I’ve been thinking about it since the moment we met, but I thought I should wait longer.  Maybe tomorrow?”

“Whenever you want,” Molly said.  “So I think we’re about done with these instructions, but I should probably ask one more question since some of the women might be thinking about it.”

“About what?”

“Some of these women might be thinking, well, that if they can suck you they might also be able to fuck you.  If you’ll pardon the vernacular.”

“Sexual intercourse?” Johnny exclaimed. “What kind of boy do you think I am?”

“I apologize,” Molly said.  “I was just . . . thinking out loud.”

“No, that’s okay,” Johnny said. “I realize that women think that way.  Some girls I knew in college got frustrated with me because I’d let them suck me, but I wouldn’t go much further than that, even when I was officially dating someone.  I like to party and have a good time, but I’m a pretty conservative boy when it comes to actual sex.”

“Okay, Johnny, I think we’ve got it covered,” Molly said.  ‘I’ll send it out. We have our monthly staff meeting next week, so we can introduce you, and maybe demonstrate some of those touches.”

“Yes, I think that would make them more understandable — if people can see them demonstrated.  But as for penis-sucking–”

“Well, we don’t have to–”

“How long until the next meeting?”

“Um, about two weeks.”

“Oh, well I’m sure we’ll be doing it way before then so sure, let’s include that in the demonstration too.”

“Okay, Johnny.  Well I guess that’s about it for the memo.  Did we miss anything?”

“No, I think you covered it really well.  Thank you so much.” As Johnny turned to go, his erect penis bonked against Molly’s face.  “Ooops, sorry,” Johnny said, as he continued out the door and out into the general office area where he now felt completely at home.  After the email went out a few minutes later, Johnny received many butt slaps and collegial penis squeezes and kisses. The women all wanted feedback on their technique in these areas and Johnny was happy to let them try over and over again until they had it right.

It was quite stimulating, and Johnny was erect almost continually throughout the afternoon.  After an hour or so his penis would need to take a rest and the erection would begin to subside.  Those who squeezed him during this period were rewarded with a few small drips that they collected on their closed lips as they collegially kissed the tip of his penis.

All of this flirting and butt slapping and penis kissing was making it difficult for Johnny to concentrate on learning how to make double-sided copies on the photocopy machine.  He had resolved to wait until at least his second day on the job to be sucked by anyone, but it was becoming difficult to contain himself. After all, a boy can’t be expected to have a dozen erections one after the other and never get to release it.

Near the end of the afternoon, Johnny poked his head into Molly’s office and tapped on the door.  Molly looked up from her computer. “What can I do for you, Johnny,” she said.

“Well,” Johnny said, stepping inside and closing the door.  “I have a teensy little favor to ask.”

The writings of Molly McMann