The Girl Who Didn’t Change, Part Three

By Molly McMann

Jamie woke the next morning with Sam’s long arm draped over her. She watched Sam sleep as long as she could, but she had to get up and go take another test.

Carrying her purse and sandals, Jamie tiptoed out the door and went to her own room for the first time since the previous morning — and there at last was her precious yellow dress. She had lingered too long in bed with Sam and was running late so she hurried through her shower, dried her hair only halfway and didn’t bother with makeup.

Before she dashed out the door, Jamie grabbed her dress off of its hanger and threw it over her arm. She remained naked as she ran down the stairway to the first floor, and there she put on her dress just before pushing out the door into the morning sunshine.

Having been nude so much of the previous day, Jamie felt a little strange being clothed again. Her dress was quite skimpy compared to what she’d been used to virtually all of her life –yet now it felt oddly confining. And although the girls and boys she passed still smiled at her, it was nothing like the open-mouthed stares she got when she was naked. But not being stared at was good, wasn’t it? After all, Jamie just wanted to fit in with the crowd and not be the center of attention. Didn’t she?

Between tests, as Jamie walked from one building to the next, she half-feared and half-hoped that Sam would show up to strip her dress off of her over some arbitrary rule or other. Not that Jamie wanted to have to go naked in public again, she told herself. It was just that she loved how Sam looked at her.

During her second test, Jamie thought ahead about what she would do afterwards. She’d go back to the dorm and undress in the stairwell. She’d go upstairs to Sam’s room and knock on the door – making a show of obediently handing over the dress. And then, finally — perhaps after making love first – perhaps that is when they would finally talk about their relationship, and what would happen in four days.

Distracted by these plans, Jamie did not do quite as well as she should have on her chemistry test, but that was the least of her concerns at the moment. When the test was over, she hurried down the sidewalk along the edge of campus, and was about to turn the corner onto the lane that led to the dorm when she stopped. She stood looking down the street where the cluster of shops, bars, bookstores and coffeehouses began.

As her frilly yellow dress billowed in the summer breeze, Jamie had . . . an idea. A crazy idea. An idea so tantalizing she knew it would make Sam think twice about leaving Jamie for some stupid job. Instead of turning toward the dorm, she walked on until she was in front of the little dress shop again.

“May I help you?” asked a clerk – a different one than before.

“I hope so,” Jamie said. “Could I return something that I bought yesterday and have barely worn?”

“If you have your receipt and the item is still clean and undamaged.”

“It’s this dress that I’m wearing,” Jamie said, fishing around in her little red purse for the receipt.

“Well it looks good as new,” the clerk said. “Do you want to exchange it for something else?”

“No, I just want to return it.” Jamie slipped off the dress and draped it over the counter. Now naked, she handed the clerk her receipt.

The clerk was so flustered she kept making mistakes as she fumbled through the transaction on her cash register, all the while stealing a dozen glances at Jamie. “Um, I’m supposed to ask,” she said as she handed Jamie her refund. “Is there a reason for the return? Anything wrong with the merchandise?”

“Oh, no,” Jamie said. “There’s nothing wrong with the dress. It’s just that I’ve decided to go naked all the time from now on, so I really don’t need to own clothing.”

After savoring a few seconds of the clerk’s reaction, Jamie turned on her heels and strode away. She intended to cross the street and head back to the dorm, but the light had just changed so she had to stand there on the corner barely ten steps from the dress shop’s sidewalk cash register.

Forced to wait, Jamie had second thoughts. Why was she doing this? She just wanted to be naked in front of Sam, not everyone else too. Sam would definitely be impressed, but did Jamie want to do this for four days straight? She could turn around right now and go back to the clerk – who was still gawking at her. She could say she changed her mind and wanted her dress back. Or she could say it was all just a joke – a dare that some friends made her do, and having completed the dare she could now buy her dress back.

Then she imagined Sam’s reaction when Jamie told her she’d returned her dress and now had no clothing at all – and therefore had no choice but to go nude everywhere. Sam would be so bowled over by this that surely she would reconsider her plans. It was all Jamie could think of to do.

The light changed and Jamie had the walk sign. Without a look back and wearing nothing but her sandals, jewelry and sunglasses, she stepped off the curb and crossed the street in front of a row of cars waiting at the light.

On the corner opposite the dress shop was a popular coffeehouse with outdoor seating. Jamie was going to walk straight past as quickly as possible, but on an impulse she went up to the counter and ordered a latte to go. Feeling cosmopolitan, she picked up a newspaper and scanned the latest news about the election as she waited for her coffee, her sunglasses pushed up on her head. The week-long voting period had begun and Jamie was eager to learn more about the candidates so she could vote for the first time. Since queens were elected for life, it would likely be decades before she got another chance.

Jamie was, of course, intensely aware that everyone was watching her, and despite her outward appearance of calm she was beginning to panic. More than once she glanced across the street at the dress shop, still so close.

When her latte was ready, Jamie opened her little red purse and counted out the change — Queen Elaine’s face still on all the coins and bills. Jamie did not allow herself to look across the street as she put her sunglasses back on, tucked her newspaper under one arm and marched away toward campus..

As before, no one harassed her, or reacted negatively in any way. Quite the opposite – smiles, laughter, shouts of encouragement – even marriage proposals. It was okay – nobody minded. So no matter how embarrassed she felt, she could simply pretend otherwise and it would be okay. If going naked for four days helped her win Sam’s heart, then Jamie would do it.

But what if Sam did decide to stay? Was Jamie prepared to stay naked indefinitely? Well no, but that was a problem Jamie would be glad to have. If Sam forsook the job and stayed at Scarborough because she loved Jamie, well then surely Sam would still love Jamie if she went back to wearing clothes – at least in public. She could still go naked when they were alone.

With these strategies mapped out, Jamie hurried in the main entrance of the dorm and ran up three flights of stairs to get to her beloved Sam. From down the hallway she saw that Sam’s door was standing open so when she reached it she happily skipped in, ready to surprise Sam with her news.

But Sam was not there — and all of her belongings were gone. Betty was in the room wrestling with the bare mattress. When she saw Jamie, she put her hands on her hips and said, “There you are. Sam and them girls have been looking all over for you.”

“Where . . . where is she?” Jamie asked, looking around the starkly empty room.

“Honey, she had to leave all of a sudden. I don’t know the details, but from what I heard she got her dates wrong about that job. They was expecting her to start this very morning, and when she didn’t show up they called — so she had to go up there right-split or she woulda got fired.”

“You mean she . . . she left?”

“She tried to find you, honey. Them girls was running all over campus lookin’ for you. Course it woulda helped if you’d had a phone. Why don’t you have a phone?”

Jamie backed out of the room as Betty went back to wrestling with the mattress, muttering “and somehow she got this bed all wet.”

Jamie ran back to her room and threw herself on the bed, crying as she had never cried in her life. It wasn’t fair! She was supposed to have at least those last four days with Sam. At least those. And now she didn’t even have that. Sam had left without even saying goodbye. What a fool Jamie had been to think someone as attractive and confident as Sam would want to have anything to do with her! Sam probably didn’t even like her, and was only playing some cruel joke on the freak knowing she would be gone in a day or two. But no, Sam would not do that — not that exactly. Sam wasn’t cruel, but she did leave, and she would probably forget Jamie in no time as she started her exciting new life in the big city of Hariston.

For a long time Jamie did not move, but when she finally sat up she noticed something on the floor near her door – a folded piece of paper with her name on it. It must have been slipped under her door earlier and she didn’t notice it when she rushed in. Now she picked it up and unfolded it. The note was from Sam, saying “Jamie, I am so SO sorry to do this, but I have to leave right now. Please call me as soon as you get this note!” Underneath this was Sam’s cell number, underlined three times.

Okay, so Sam at least left her a goodbye note, but that didn’t make the situation any better. She was still gone – having apparently made her choice — and Jamie would probably never see her again.

Despite her sorrow and grief, Jamie did want to call Sam, if only to hear her voice one last time. She needed a phone. The dorm room had once had its own dedicated landline, but it had long ago been removed, a painted-over plate on the wall marking where it had once been attached. Jamie went down the hall hoping to find someone she knew to borrow a phone, but the dorm was now nearly empty.

She remembered seeing a phone store across the street from Gillian’s so she exited the dorm and ran to the store. Though she was again out in public naked, her penis flapping back and forth as she ran, Jamie no longer cared enough about that to be embarrassed.

At the phone store, a nerdy computer girl with thick glasses and green hair was behind the counter while a few customers were browsing the new phone fashions. Naturally, they all stared in surprise when a naked hermaphrodite burst into the store and ran up to the counter.

“I need to buy a phone,” Jamie declared, almost out of breath. The green-haired girl, whose name was Kat (though her parents still called her Katherine) cheerfully went into her spiel about all of the wonderful options and features the customer had to choose from.

“I don’t care,” Jamie nearly screamed. “I just need . . . a phone . . . that makes phone calls!”

Though Kat was on the tall side and a little husky, she was intimidated by the naked, ballerina-sized hermaphrodite and quickly sold Jamie a standard smartphone with the standard monthly data plan.  As soon as the phone was activated, Jamie called Sam’s number there in the store. Sam answered right away.

“Jamie, I’m so sorry things happened this way,” Sam said. “There was this big-freaking mixup.” Jamie barely digested the explanation of how the scheduling mistake had happened. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Sam was gone and whatever relationship Jamie thought they had was over.

When Sam stopped talking, Jamie said, “I . . . I’m thankful that . . . at least . . . we met.” Tears ran down her face as she whispered, “goodbye, Sam.” Jamie broke down in sobs while trying to find the right button to hang up the phone, and she almost didn’t hear Sam yelling,” wait! Jamie listen to me please!”

Jamie snuffled and wiped her runny nose on the back of her hand as everyone in the store stood frozen in the moment.

“What?” Jamie growled, anger now in her voice. What else was there to say? There was no point in apologizing again for leaving her.

“Jamie, I’m trying to ask you to come up here and be with me,” Sam was shouting, her voice as audible to those in the store as if she’d been on speakerphone. “I had to get up here immediately this morning or I would lose this job, and I really need this job right now. But I need you even more, Jamie, and if you ask me to I will quit right now and come down there to be with you. But I’m hoping that instead you’ll come to me. I know this must sound crazy because we just met, but . . . Jamie . . . I’m in love with you.”

Jamie could not find her voice and twice heard Sam ask “Jamie, are you still there?” Kat and the customers leaned forward in suspense.

“Oh Sam, I love you too!” Jamie cried out, her eyes running like faucets. “Yes, Sam, oh yes I will come to you!”

Kat and the customers broke into applause as Sam said. “I’m so glad, honey, and I can’t wait to see you, but right this minute I really have to go because I’m supposed to be working and I almost got fired once already. I’ll send you the address. Text me and I’ll give you directions. You do know how to text, don’t you sweetie?”

“Of course I do,” Jamie laughed, her cheeks still wet. When she hung up, she went back to the counter and said to Kat, “um, I need to learn how to text. And can I buy plane tickets on this thing?”

Kat eagerly helped Jamie buy a ticket to Hariston and order a cab, and was so enthusiastic about explaining the phone’s many wonderful features that before she was done the cab was honking outside.

Jamie said goodbye to everyone and ran outside, and it was only when she saw her reflection in the cab’s window that she remembered she was nude. The dress shop was right across the street, so close she could have bought a new dress by now if she hadn’t spent so much time in the phone store. But Jamie wasn’t concerned. She had, after all, already been to the airport and remembered there were shops of all kinds, several of which sold sweatpants and t-shirts. She could simply buy something at the airport.

As it happened, however, traffic was bad that day and by the time the taxi reached the airport Jamie had very little time. She had to run through the terminal past all the shops – some of which indeed sold sweatpants and t-shirts. At the security station she took off her sandals and breezed through as other passengers in line joked that this traveler had certainly found the most efficient way to fly.

Because she made her purchase at the last minute, Jamie had to buy a first-class ticket, so she was seated and given a complimentary martini by the time most of the passengers filed past to the coach section. Jamie hated the taste of the martini, but drank a gulp or two to calm the panic that had begun to set in. She tried to look like a sophisticated traveler, sipping her drink and reading something imaginary on her phone as the other passengers walked past and stared.

When the plane took off, Jamie was again transfixed, watching the landscape and the clouds. As they approached Hariston, she had a dazzling view of the city’s magnificent skyline. Barely two days since she left the Gated In community, Jamie was about to enter the biggest, most sophisticated city in the U.Q. – and apparently she was going to do it naked.

Not really, she assured herself. She would have to enter Hariston International Airport naked, but she would definitely find something there. Since she didn’t have another plane to catch this time, she could take as long as she needed to find something to wear.

And yet, as Jamie disembarked and began following the signs toward ground transportation, the only shops she found were restaurants, bars and news stands. She realized belatedly that this made sense. Shopping for clothing was something people might do in the main terminal while waiting for a flight, but once on the ground they would be focused on getting to their destinations.

Now Jamie found herself at the mono-rail station. The sleek, white train was waiting on its elevated track and other travelers were swarming onto it. There was no point in staying in the airport, Jamie told herself, and so she stepped into the train car. It was only about three-quarters full, so she easily found a seat, the plastic bench cool against her bare bottom.

The trip downtown was amazingly swift and Jamie soon had to busy herself at her phone to figure out which exit to take. It arrived surprisingly soon and she had to hurry to get off in time. She emerged squinting from the train station onto a busy sidewalk downtown and was so awed by the towering skyscrapers, giant flashing advertisements and all of the people that for a few seconds she entirely forgot about her nudity. For a few seconds. As she turned in a circle taking in the busy scene, Jamie saw her reflection in a window as a swarm of commuters exited the train station and rushed past her on all sides.

Jamie resisted the urge to run back inside and hide, but she noticed that Haristonians did not gawk as much as people back at Scarborough did. Big city dwellers had a reputation to protect – that they’d seen everything under the sun and nothing could surprise them. Jamie’s presence challenged their studied disinterest and nearly everyone looked at her, at least for a few seconds, before forcing themselves to go on their way as if this were nothing notable to them.

Hiding behind her sunglasses, Jamie studied her phone’s map to get her bearings. She would simply walk in the right direction and surely – surely — in a city this size she would soon pass a clothing store.

She found the dot on the map representing Sam’s address, and the dot representing herself, and it looked to be 6 or 8 blocks. That didn’t seem too far – considering she had just taken a cab, an airplane and a train while naked – so she started walking. She kept an eye out for any kind of clothing store, but block after block she found none.

Finally, as she crossed yet another busy street, Jamie at last saw what she was looking for – t-shirts hanging in the window of a shop. She could see from a distance that they were long enough to cover her like a dress. When she reached the shop, Jamie found that it was not actually a clothing store but a novelty gift shop that happened to sell a few t-shirts. That was just fine with Jamie – until she got a good look at the shirts. All were emblazoned with sex jokes and cartoons of scantily clad musclemen and women with gigantic breasts.

Perhaps she could wear one inside out, Jamie thought, holding one up to the light. The fabric was so cheap and thin that the cartoons and their crude messages were clearly visible on the other side. But did that matter? She was just going to Sam’s apartment and they would have a good laugh over it. Jamie would tell the sexy story of how she gave up her dress, therefore possessing no clothing at all, before realizing Sam had gone to Hariston. Sam would be really impressed when she found out Jamie had come all this way completely naked — except the last few blocks?

No, that would ruin it if she showed up in one of these crappy t-shirts – or anything else for that matter. Jamie had invested far too much into this naked adventure to surrender any of the reward. She had come this far so she might as well go the rest of the way to Sam’s apartment and earn the full benefit. It was nearing 5 p.m., so Sam might be walking back to her apartment right now. Maybe they would arrive at the same time and see each other on the sidewalk, coming towards each other. And that is the moment when Sam would realize Jamie had come all of this way naked.

The shop’s proprietor, a wrinkled old woman smoking a cigarette gave Jamie a long stare and then said, “You buying something, honey? I’m closing in five minutes.”

Jamie took a breath, having decided, and said, “I guess I don’t need anything after all, thank you,” and walked out the door back onto the busy street.

As she neared the address, Jamie was so intent on the two dots on her phone she was surprised when she looked up and saw that she was right in front of the Palace. The 800-year old castle – the official residence of the queen — looked so small and toy-like surrounded by modern-day skyscrapers. Jamie had seen paintings in textbooks of how it looked in ancient times when its 300-foot towers rose high above the little stone buildings of the original Hariston Queendom before the Federation of Realms. Nowadays, the Palace itself was all that remained of the old city-state, though the cobblestones had been used to make the Palace Plaza, a two-block-long open space where modern Haristonians ate their lunches on sunny days and where tourists flocked to take pictures of each other in front of the famous Palace.

After a few more blocks, the dots on Jamie’s phone had come together . This was the correct address but it was an office tower and not an apartment building. Jamie went back to Sam’s message in which she’d sent the address. It said “where I’m working” not “where I live.” Crap, that was entirely different. Jamie immediately regretted not having bought one of the ugly t-shirts, but it was too late for that. She pushed through the revolving door into the lobby feeling hopeful when she saw several shops clustered along one wall. One of the shops even had beautiful dresses in its display window, but as Jamie rushed toward it she saw that it was closed. Other shops were open, but none of them sold any type of clothing.

Jamie called Sam’s cell number, getting her recording. “I’m here, Sam!” she said cheerily into the recording. “But can you . . . meet me in the lobby? I have . . . a surprise for you that . . . that I don’t want to show you in your office. It’s sort of . . . personal.”

That should do it, Jamie decided, though now she would have to wait in the busy lobby. She decided to walk around rather than stand so it would look like she was busily going somewhere. As she strolled past a shoe store she stopped to admire a pair of red pumps. They were Manolo Blancs marked down to $200 and, despite her inexperience in these matters, something deep inside Jamie’s feminine brain told her this was a fabulously good deal that she could not possibly pass up.

“Those would look divine with your purse,” a smiling salesgirl sang out as she approached from the store. “I’ll bet I can guess your size – five and a half?”

Jamie didn’t actually know her shoe size, but she found herself drawn to the shoes. For a young woman who had spent her life wearing clunky boy’s shoes, these were impossible to resist. Soon the clerk had Jamie sitting in a chair while she tried a five and a half, which as she predicted was exactly right.

Jamie stood and tried walking in the shoes, which was another new experience. She was a little wobbly at first, but so graceful by nature that after a few practice steps in front of the mirror she learned to walk in four-inch heels. All the while, Jamie kept an eye on the bank of elevators, hoping Sam would see her at this exact moment. It would be almost as good as showing up naked at her apartment.

The salesgirl didn’t have to do much selling because Jamie had already decided she absolutely must have those shoes — and wear them right now. She squeezed her sandals into her purse and strolled through the lobby in her fabulous heels. The lobby had gotten crowded with office workers leaving for the day and in the hubbub of voices, Jamie almost didn’t hear her phone ringing.

It was Sam. At last “Sweetie, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said, “but I can’t come down right now. Just come up to the 5th floor and go to the Registration sign — they’re expecting you.”

Panicked, Jamie blurted out her confession. “But Sam, I’m naked. I returned my dress to the store so I could surprise you by not owning any clothes anymore and having to go naked everywhere but I went to your room and you were gone, and then after we talked on the phone I went straight to the airport and I didn’t have time to buy any clothes so I flew here naked and took the train naked, and I walked through downtown Hariston completely naked! I just wanted to surprise you, Sam, but I don’t want to embarrass you by coming to your office naked,”

All of these words came out very fast and much louder than Jamie intended so she was easily heard by dozens of businesswomen in expensive suits who had been leaving work when they spotted Jamie, and who now pretended they needed to go back upstairs for some imaginary forgotten item.

And so everyone around Jamie heard Sam yelling into the phone, “Oh my god, Jamie, I want to show you off right now to everyone I know! So get up here right now!”

All of the important businesswomen whooped like schoolgirls at a soccer game as the elevator opened. They rode along with Jamie to her floor just to encourage her, no longer even pretending they had any need to go back to their offices. When the elevator doors open, Jamie stumbled out amid cheers. She had tried to mentally prepare herself and pictured a couple dozen people working in an office. But instead, the entire 5th floor was a vast exhibition hall crowded with hundreds of people gathered around exhibit booths or milling around carrying wine glasses. Jamie noticed the “Registration” sign and remembered what Sam said. Seated at it was a young man in a tight white shirt with a golden name tag that said “Jeremy.”

When he saw her, Jeremy flexed his muscles instinctively and said, “let me go out on a limb here and make a wild guess that your name is Jamie?” He had already written “Jamie” in black marker on a guest tag and he gave it to her saying, “you need to wear this, and if you walk down the main aisle you will find Ms. McCain at booth 27.”

Jamie peeled the name tag sticker off of its backing and applied it to her skin, just above her left breast. Jeremy then ushered her through the velvet ropes and sent her on her way into the crowd.

Though she had just walked naked through downtown Hariston, Jamie felt exposed in an entirely new way in this setting. Unlike Haristonians on the street who gave her space, these were half-drunk conventioneers from other parts of the country. Everyone she passed cheered her and invited her to visit their booths, but Jamie politely declined and kept moving. A waiter carrying glasses of white wine offered her one and she took it gladly, consuming it before she’d made it another 10 feet. Magically, it was replaced again and she drank the second one down as she walked along.

Finally, she saw Sam. Booth 27 was for HR-Fitness, the company she now worked for. Sam’s role was demonstrating some high-tech exercise equipment and she was wearing a skimpy spandex outfit that looked like something that would be worn by a comic book superhero. Below the waist it was like black tights that showed every detail of Sam’s physique. Above the waist, Sam wore a black bikini top.

Leaving her empty-again wine glass on a table, Jamie held her head high and walked gracefully toward Booth 27. Sam had been looking out for her, as were her co-workers. One of them spotted Jamie first and croaked, “oh, wow.”

“Jamie!” Sam yelled and ran to her. She scooped Jamie up in her strong arms and twirled her in a circle so that Jamie’s feet came off the ground and she nearly lost one of her new shoes. When Sam finally put her down, she grabbed Jamie’s face in both hands and gave her a deep kiss that went on for at least 15 seconds as people around them began to cheer them on.

Jamie was dizzy with bliss and wobbly on her high heels as Sam pulled her over to meet the others at Booth 27.

“Everybody, I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but this is my adorable girlfriend, Jamie, with whom I am madly, desperately, crazily in love. And who, by the way, does not own any clothing! Isn’t that amazing? When I met her she owned just one dress, that’s all – and then she gave that away because she decided she wanted to go naked all the time! Is that the sexiest thing you can imagine or what?”

Everyone at the booth agreed that this indeed was the sexiest thing they could imagine. Jamie had no idea how to respond. She had not actually intended to continue going naked. That was just what she was going to do back at school, not in Hariston.

Sam introduced her to everyone, her arm around Jamie’s waist and her hand caressing Jamie’s bare hip as one of the women said, “love your shoes. Are those Blancs?”

“Yes, I just bought them downstairs,” Jamie said, turning one foot sideways to model the shoes as everyone took the excuse to let their eyes travel down her body to her feet and back up. Not all of the eyes made it all the way back and as she felt them looking at her, an alarm bell was going off in Jamie’s head. After having been twice surprised by her own erections, she had of late become more diligent at monitoring the activity of her penis. And now, as a result of the prolonged kiss, followed by what Sam said about her and now all of these people blatantly admiring her as Sam caressed her bare butt, Jamie felt her penis lengthening and she knew with certainty that she was about to have a massive erection.

Jamie did her best at damage control, thinking of boring things like her recent chemistry test, but she could feel the erection coming on strong and she knew her only recourse was to get out of there quickly.

Grabbing her cell phone from her purse, Jamie blurted, “oh, excuse me. I have to take this” and walked quickly away pretending to engage in an urgent phone call while her penis began to rise up. There were no restrooms nearby and the only possible haven she saw was a door leading outside to the atrium balcony. Hoping no one was out there, Jamie hurried out the door as her erection blossomed to its full potential.

The balcony was unoccupied but Jamie heard footsteps behind her. It was only Sam.

“Oh, god,” did they see it?” Jamie asked.

“No,” Sam laughed, “not the people at my booth anyway, but I think you gave a few lucky chicks near the door a nice surprise. My, that’s a big one, Jamie.”

“Sam, this isn’t going to go down anytime soon, unless . . . you know.”

“Oh yes, sweetie, I know. But there’s no one else out here except those people down below and they can’t see it.” Sam and Jamie were standing at the stone railing which had a wide ledge where one could set drinks or a plate of food. Four stories below, people milled around carrying drinks. Sam put her left hand on Jamie’s bare back and her right hand between Jamie’s legs.

“Sam, what are you doing?”

“I’m helping you out, now relax.” As she spoke, Sam’s fingers slipped into Jamie’s vagina to wet themselves and then slid up along the underside of Jamie’s penis.

“Oh, right there,” Jamie breathed.

Although they had only one night of experience, Sam’s fingers knew exactly what to do. They made the return trip into Jamie’s pussy and slid wetly up again. Back and forth they went, and within seconds Jamie was on the verge of orgasm.

“Can anyone see?” Jamie whispered.

“No one but me. Let it go.”

And Jamie did. Her ejaculation sent the equivalent of a full glass of water shooting out six feet horizontally over the railing and into open space where it arced downward and broke apart into warm raindrops that sprinkled on the revelers below. A few people looked up curiously, wondering if the weather was changing.

“Thank you,” Jamie whispered, finally opening her eyes.

“Always glad to help with that little task,” Sam said, wiping her fingers on her cheek and lips. “And Jamie, I want you to know that although I am so impressed by what you did — coming up here naked — I want you to know that you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.”

Jamie was taken aback by this. “But I thought . . . I thought you wanted me to.”

“Hell yes I do,” Sam laughed. “If it were up to me you’d never wear anything again, but we’re a couple now and we’re equals in this relationship. I’ll love you no matter what you decide, but it needs to be your decision not mine. But now I really need to get back to my booth or I’ll get almost-fired again. Go get yourself a glass of wine or something – there’s a great buffet — and meet me at the booth in half an hour.”

After Sam left, Jamie remained on the balcony a bit longer until she was sure her penis was almost back to a reasonable size. As she walked back into the busy conference hall, Jamie felt so relieved. A few hours ago, she still feared she’d lose Sam in a few days, and now they were going to be living together – as a couple! And Jamie didn’t even have to go naked anymore to win Sam over. She could wear dresses in public and just be naked when they were alone together.

Jamie felt so liberated by this knowledge that she no longer felt embarrassed when she walked back into the conference hall. She was in control now. She had chosen to be nude today, but tomorrow she would choose to wear clothing. It was entirely up to her. Another waiter came by carrying a tray of wine glasses and Jamie accepted one, but she needed food more and made her way toward the buffet line.

The queue was along a wall of mirrors and Jamie found herself standing 12 inches away from her starkly naked reflection. She stole secret glances at herself and then decided to fix her hair, which gave her an excuse to look directly at herself in the mirror.

As she fussed with her hair and adjusted one of her dangly red earrings, a woman got in line behind her. She was white-haired, but young, maybe 30 or 40, exceptionally attractive and dressed in the most fashionable style.

“You look lovely, Jamie,” she said.

Surprised, Jamie looked at the woman’s perfect face, certain that she’d never seen her before.

“Please forgive me for being so forward,” the white-haired woman said. “I happened to be at the next booth when your girlfriend was introducing you to her co-workers. My name is Simone.”

“I’m very glad to meet you, Simone,” Jamie said, and she meant it. Simone was the most beautiful woman Jamie had ever seen.

“I have to say, I was so impressed by what your girlfriend was saying back there – that you don’t own clothing and go naked everywhere. Do you really?”

Although she fully intended to go back to wearing clothing the very next morning, Jamie also felt exhilarated by all that had happened to her that day – and she was on her third glass of wine on an empty stomach.

“Oh yes,” she said, playing along and wanting the beautiful woman to be impressed by her. “I want to go naked everywhere all the time, and I can’t imagine ever wearing clothes again.”

“That is fabulous,” Simone said. “Tell me, do you do any modeling?”

This made Jamie laugh, but Simone misunderstood why and quickly added, “I don’t mean modeling clothing, of course, but there are many other options – makeup, hair and body products, shoes, jewelry and so on. Here, let me give you my card.”

Simone held her cell phone close to Jamie’s little red purse and both phones chirped in unison. “I always keep 9 a.m. open just in case I meet someone special – and you, my dear, most definitely qualify as special.” The buffet line had been inching forward throughout their conversation and they were now at the plates. “But I’ve taken enough of your time, dear. Enjoy the buffet, and come see me tomorrow morning and we’ll chat.”

Simone turned and walked away and Jamie quickly became distracted by the food on the buffet line. Twenty minutes later, she returned to Booth 27 as Sam and the others were closing up. “I’m so glad you came up here,” Sam said as they walked arm in arm to the elevators. And then they were out on the sidewalk, the sun low in the western sky, lighting up the east-west streets while the north-south streets were in deep evening shade.

Sam’s apartment was about six blocks away. “It’s really small, so don’t get your hopes up,” Sam warned. “The company leases these and uses them for new employees like me.” The building was very nice, and Jamie could see that some apartments, at least, had spacious balconies and big windows. But the cheapest apartments were a single room with a bed, bathroom and kitchenette.

“It’s cozy,” Jamie said, kicking off her red heels and dropping her purse on a tiny table that was the only other furniture.

“I wish it was nicer,” Sam said, but at least we’re together, huh?”

Jamie threw her arms around Sam’s neck and they and they fell onto the bed.


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The writings of Molly McMann