The Girl Who Didn’t Change, Epilogue

  By Molly McMann

“Jamie I” would go on to become the most beloved queen in modern U.Q. history, rivaling Queen Belle herself.

Because the queen’s position was, by intention, a part-time role, Jamie continued working as a model and began a singing career, performing in concert halls across the U.Q.  Sam also continued her career, putting out a popular series of exercise videos and soon becoming an action movie star. Jamie also received numerous movie and TV offers and she occasionally accepted small parts, usually playing herself.

Annabelle became Queen Jamie’s chief of staff and Simone a senior adviser.

Her royal duties included presiding over official events and hosting state dinners, all of which she did nude, of course, except for her crown, shoes and various royal jewelry. She gave speeches to Parliament promoting good causes and was often asked by lawmakers to help resolve legislative logjams. Being by far the most popular person in the country, Queen Jamie’s support for any piece of legislation virtually ensured its passage – but she had to really believe in the cause to lend it her support.

During the first year of her reign, Queen Jamie married Sam McCain, who was thereafter officially known as Princess Samantha. Their lavish wedding was a huge news event televised live around the world. Sam wore a skin-tight white silk pants suit that left her arms and much of her darkly tanned chest exposed. Jamie wore only a handcrafted veil, white shoes, a long pearl necklace and her crown.

Queen Jamie and Princess Sam lived together in the Royal Palace in the center of Hariston. Every day that the queen was not traveling, the royal guards would open the gates for a steady throng of citizens hoping to meet, and touch, the queen. The vast majority of these acolytes were beautiful women who arrived nude and sometimes camped out at the Palace gates in order to be first in line.

Jamie would greet each person in turn, embracing every naked woman who sought her out. Many of them, especially college-age girls, would come back again and again. Women who could not make the pilgrimage displayed their adoration of Queen Jamie by going nude in their daily lives as much as possible.

Princess Sam did not mind sharing the queen with the devoted girls and it was she who came up with the idea of allowing some of these naked girls to live on the Palace grounds. Sam established the Palace Girls, a one-year internship in which college girls worked as groundskeepers and Palace servants. There was plenty of room to house them in the castle’s little-used South Tower and they were able to spruce up the neglected grounds at little cost to the Royal Treasury. Since the Palace was surrounded by skyscrapers, Hariston office workers could look down behind the Palace walls to see beautiful naked college girls cutting the lawn, planting flowers and trimming hedges.

Periodically, Princess Sam arranged for each girl to have a private audience with the queen. Jamie loved all of her girls and unfailingly remembered their names and in what province of the U.Q. they’d come from. She would embrace and kiss each girl and allow the girl to touch her wherever she desired. Jamie nearly always had a firm erection in these encounters and sometimes she splashed the girl. This was what all the girls dreamed of – being splashed by Queen Jamie – especially when it happened during their special time alone with her. With no one else around to have to share it with, the girl would rub her naked body against Jamie’s body until all the sweat evenly spread between them .

Jamie also loved to walk among her subjects on the streets of Hariston. She would go out to restaurants with Sam or one of her thousands of close friends. She bought papers at news stands just to chat with her people and she jogged around Median Park. Being completely devoted to nudity, Jamie braved the winter months wearing only boots, gloves and a hat and scarf, but she still took her walks through the city. Many of the businesswomen of Hariston had also taken to going nude, though most of them wore coats when outdoors. On one particularly cold day when Jamie was shivering while waiting to buy a newspaper, a passing businesswoman opened her overcoat to show that she was herself nude. Jamie embraced the woman, who then closed her coat around the queen for a few minutes to warm her up. This was reported on the evening news and quickly became a tradition. Wherever Jamie went in the winter time, women would open their coats to let the queen warm up against their bodies.

Sadly, Princess Sam died in a skydiving accident when she was 50, and the nation mourned along with its queen. Jamie never married again, but her relationship with the Palace Girls became more intimate and eventually a new tradition began in which every night one of the Palace Girls slept in the queen’s bed. Whenever Queen Jamie made love to one of her Palace girls, she always thought of Sam.

Queen Jamie’s reign lasted 75 years, and though she lived to be in her 90s, she never appeared to age beyond what she looked like at 25 or 30, except for her snow-white hair and a few lines around her eyes.

———————- THE END ———————–

The writings of Molly McMann