The Girl Who Didn’t Change, Day Two

By Molly McMann

Jamie woke alone in Caitlin’s room the next morning and stared at the unfamiliar ceiling long enough to realize that the astonishing events of the previous day had not, in fact, just been a dream.

As always, she woke with a substantial morning erection. However, she had never slept naked before, nor had she ever looked at herself naked in a full-length mirror as she was doing now. It was her body, her face, her eyes. She knew she had not changed physically, and yet somehow she had been transformed.

And she thought of Sam, remembering the contours of her athletic body barely covered by the loose basketball jersey. These thoughts only made Jamie’s penis more erect, but she also had to pee. The bathroom was way down the hall and her only article of clothing was in Sam’s room. Jamie really needed her erection to go away, but it gave no indication of doing so. She peeked out the door into the empty hallway, but she had to pee so badly she no longer had a choice. Making sure the door was unlocked, she slipped out, one hand over her erection and dashed down the long hallway.

Fortunately, the restroom was empty. It had rows of showers, sinks and mirrors, and even had urinals in order to give university administrators the flexibility to move the boys’ and girls’ dorms around from year to year.  Jamie had never used a urinal before, but quickly decided that it had logistically advantages. As she relieved herself with a sigh, her penis gradually softened and dropped down to a manageable angle.

A few minutes later, she was knocking at Sam’s door. “It’s Jamie,” she called through the door. “I need my dress to go take my test.” If Sam was in there she was sleeping too soundly to hear.

Jamie decided to take her shower and then try again afterwards, so she went back to her room to get her now-necessary products. After showering, drying her hair and putting on her blush and lipstick, Jamie stood outside Sam’s door knocking again to no avail. She went and put on her sandals and got her purse so she would be all ready except for the dress.

While knocking on Sam’s door for the umpteenth time, Jamie finally heard a voice, but it was not coming from Sam’s room. A blonde girl came running around the corner of the hallway and it took Jamie a moment to realize it was Caitlin, now fully dressed.

“Jamie!” Caitlin exclaimed. “I’m so glad I caught you. I’m leaving and I wanted to say goodbye to you and Sam — and to introduce you to my parents.”

Caitlin began pounding on Sam’s door as two adults came around the corner and approached. Jamie wanted to run back to her room, but Caitlin grabbed her arm and began introducing her. Caitlin’s parents were clearly surprised by Jamie, yet they smiled and claimed to be pleased to meet her. “I wanted you to meet Jamie,” Caitlin told them, “because she’s one of those girls I told you about who go places naked.” She winked at Jamie. “Gosh, I was thinking maybe I could try that sometime.”

Before Caitlin’s parents could react to this revelation, Sam finally emerged, bleary-eyed and still wearing last night’s skimpy basketball jersey. More introductions ensued, allowing Jamie to edge backwards and hide behind Sam. Soon Caitlin and her parents were departing down the hallway, Caitlin calling back tearful goodbyes as she disappeared around the corner.

Jamie followed Sam back into the room. “I have to go take one of those tests this morning,” she explained. “So I need to take—so I wanted to ask you if I could please have my dress to go do that?”

“Yes, since you asked so nicely,” Sam said, and Jamie started to reach for her dress. As she did so, Sam casually pulled the basketball jersey over her head and tossed it aside. Now completely nude, she said, “but do you have time before that to sit and chat for a bit?”

Jamie actually had very little time, but she would miss a hundred tests for this moment. Sam’s taut, muscular body was evenly tanned all over. Her breasts, though not especially large, were still twice the size of Jamie’s and the right one was now bouncing steadily as Sam brushed her teeth at the little sink.

Sam gestured for her to sit in the big upholstered chair, and Jamie obeyed, watching in abject enchantment as Sam rinsed her mouth and spit into the sink. “Scootch over,” Sam said, walking back toward her. “That chair’s big enough for two.”

Jamie instantly made room and Sam squeezed in next to her. The old chair was just barely big enough, so Sam put her arm around Jamie and rested her hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “Well, this is cozy,” she said. “Are you comfortable?”

“Oh, yes,” Jamie agreed, eagerly. Their faces were only inches apart and as Sam situated herself one of her breasts jostled against Jamie’s.

“You have such perfect skin,” Sam said, looking down at Jamie’s body. “And I love your sweet, pink nipples.” Though it had been behaving itself up to that point, Jamie’s penis could not ignore this last remark and began to stand up.

Jamie started to cover herself, but Sam stopped her. “It’s okay, sweetie,” she cooed, her lips now near Jamie’s ear. “There’s only you and me here, so why don’t we relax and let things happen however they happen, okay?” Sam’s hand was on the back of Jamie’s head and she slowly brought their faces closer together. Jamie’s heart fluttered as she realized they were about to kiss. She closed her eyes awaiting it, but then they both heard voices calling Sam’s name and multiple running footsteps coming down the hall.

“Shit,” Sam muttered and stood up. She scooped up her jersey and slipped it over her head as someone began pounding on Sam’s door and the doorknob turned.

Jamie clasped both hands over her erection as three girls tumbled into the room to tell Sam how much they would miss her. While they were focused on Sam, Jamie kept one hand over her erection as she climbed out of the chair. She grabbed her dress and turned her back to them so she could use both hands to put on the dress. Even with it on, Jamie couldn’t take her hand away from her midsection or else her very erect penis would push her dress out like a tent pole. Pressing her purse against it, Jamie edged past the cluster of chattering girls in the doorway and fled.

Despite the delay in Sam’s room, Jamie was only a few minutes late for her test on History of the United Queendom, which was one of her favorite topics. She knew everything about the queens from ancient times to the Revolutionary Period, in which Queen Marta was overthrown, to the Restoration in which a democratic monarchy was established and every queen thereafter had been chosen by a referendum of the people.

However, Jamie’s knowledge of modern U.Q. history was scant. Luckily, the modern-era section of the test offered her several topics from which to choose to write a single essay. Skimming over the choices, Jamie found at least one question she knew something about – how contemporary High Court’s ruling had interpreted the Constitution beyond what the founding mothers may have explicitly intended 350 years earlier.

In her essay, Jamie wrote about the First Amendment of the Constitution which spelled out the legal protections of women. The Amendment helped eradicate the ancient crime of rape, which is what the founding mothers intended. However, in modern times its guarantee that a woman “shall be considered inviolate in her person regardless of  attire” had been successfully used to challenge public nudity laws. The High Court ruled that women indeed had a constitutional right to be naked.

Of course, the only reason Jamie knew about this was because the Gated In school used it as an example of the wicked liberalness of the outside world. From what she’d been taught, Jamie half-expected to see naked women everywhere, but in practice nudity was only common at beaches, swimming pools and outdoor music concerts.

After the history test, Jamie had 10 minutes to get to the next test and she was hurrying through a little courtyard between two buildings when she ran into Sam, Lisa and Jenna.

“Hey!” she called happily, assuming this was just a nice coincidence.

“We thought we’d find you around here,” said Sam, now dressed in bluejean cutoffs and a bikini top. “You violated my rule, Jamie. You put your dress on without asking for my permission, and you did it right there in my room instead of leaving the floor first as I explicitly instructed. That’s two violations.”

“Uh-oh,” Jamie replied, now feeling confident enough to flirt back. “Is there a penalty for this offence?”

“As a matter of fact, there is,” Sam replied, putting her hands again on Jamie’s nearly-bare shoulders, She quickly unzipped the dress as she’d done before and started pushing the straps off Jamie’s shoulders.

“Sam!” Jamie squealed, clutching her hands to her chest to keep the dress from falling. “I have another test in a few minutes.”

“Yes, I know,” Sam said, “and your punishment is to go to it naked. Now move your hands please.

Although Jamie kept saying, “please don’t, Sam!” she did not resist as Sam pulled Jamie’s hands away from her chest and the dress slid partway off, the string straps catching at her elbows. “Please, Sam. If you take my dress I’ll have to walk all the way back to the dorm naked. That’ll be so embarrassing!”

“Yes, that’s the idea,” Sam said, taking Jamie’s purse from her hands. “Now lower your arms please. “

For reasons she could not have explained, Jamie obeyed, straightening her arms at her sides until the dress slipped all the way off and made a yellow pool around her ankles. And when Sam instructed her to lift one foot and then the other to step out of the dress, Jamie obeyed.

“I think we should take the sandals too, don’t you think, girls,” Sam asked Lisa and Jenna.

“Absolutely,” Jenna said, “since there were two rule violations.”

Again, although she continued to plead verbally, Jamie did as she was instructed, lifting first one foot and then the other to allow Sam to slip off the sandals. Sam opened Jamie’s little red purse, removed the dorm room key and gave the purse back to Jamie.

“Don’t worry about these,” Sam said, holding up the dress and sandals. “We’ll lock them up safe in your room. Just come looking for me to get your key. Now you’d better hurry or you’ll be late for that test.”

And with that, Sam turned on her heels and marched quickly away followed as always by Lisa and Jenna.

As the three disappeared around the corner the spell that had immobilized Jamie was lifted and she looked down at herself in shock She was naked and barefoot — and she was late for her test.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jamie said to herself as she held her purse under her arm and started to run, her penis flopping and her little breasts jiggling for anyone to see. Other students stopped whatever they were doing to watch her go by and she heard someone yell “you go, girl!”

Dashing headlong through the doors of the math building, Jamie very much surprised the graduate student staffing the Mathematics Department information desk.

Standing at the counter, Jamie tried her best to pretend she was not naked as she explained that she had come to take the Freshman Algebra placement test. The freckled, red-haired grad student grinned and said to Jamie’s perky little breasts, “so nice to meet you. I’m Molly.” She raised her eyes to take in Jamie’s cover girl face, which was almost as nice to look at as her breasts. “Okay, since you’re the only one taking the test I’ll get you set up in an empty classroom and you can get started.”

Jamie was relieved that she would be alone in the classroom, though Molly seem to be doing enough ogling on her own to make up for it – especially when she came around the counter and saw what was dangling between Jamie’s legs. “I am so glad I came to work today,” Molly said to no one in particular as she led Jamie into a old-fashioned classroom with tiered wooden seats. She gave Jamie the test materials and explained them as she stared the entire time at Jamie’s penis. “Okay, then, I’ll leave you alone with your . . . your test, and I’ll be back in to look at you—I mean look in on you in 40 minutes, okay?”

Jamie nodded and was relieved when she was finally alone, though as embarrassed as the redhead made her feel, Jamie was also flattered by Molly’s reaction. She had almost persuaded herself that the girls last night had just been being nice to her, but Molly had no reason to be anything but honest.

Algebra was one of Jamie’s easiest subjects and she breezed through the test. However, not needing to concentrate on the test allowed her mind to wander from Molly to Sam and to what had almost happened in Sam’s room when both of them were naked and came so close to kissing. Jamie wanted to hurry through the test so she could run back to the dorm (probably literally) and get back in Sam’s room. And they would kiss and Sam would be naked  again too, her muscular arms wrapped around Jamie.

These thoughts started giving Jamie an erection and she tried to stop it, pushing down on her penis and desperately thinking of algebraic equations. But it was too late and her willful penis stood up straight. If she’d had a few more minutes, Jamie might have subdued it, but just then the door opened and Molly walked in announcing, “time’s up.”

Jamie’s purse was out of reach under her seat so she instinctively covered herself with the only thing handy – the test itself – but that’s exactly what Molly, now standing next to her, had come to collect. Unable to do anything else, Jamie handed over the test with one hand while trying unsuccessfully to cover herself with the other.

“Woah,” Molly grinned. “You must totally like Algebra!”

Molly’s directness somehow made Jamie laugh. “I can’t . . . control it very well. Could I hide out in here until it goes away?”

“Not a good idea, honey. There’s gonna be a bunch of people coming in here for a final in just a few minutes.”

As if on cue, the door opened and two girls and a guy came in to take their seats. They noticed Jamie but could only see her above the waist. Jamie grabbed her purse from under the seat and hurried to the door, holding her purse sideways and pressing it against her penis.

When she was almost at the door, it opened again and six or seven people came filing in. Jamie had no choice but to stand there waiting for them while trying to cover herself with her purse. She was not entirely successful and everyone watched as she fled from the room and ran down the hallway to the ladies’ room where she hid in a stall for 20 minutes until her erection finally went down.

But now Jamie faced another challenge — she had to walk back to the dorm naked. She slipped out of the restroom into a mercifully empty hallway and padded on bare feet to the nearest door.

Outside, the sun felt surprisingly nice on Jamie’s bare skin. Had she been on some private deck or backyard she might have allowed herself to enjoy it, but this was most definitely not a private place.

She started to walk. A few people saw her, and stopped to watch her but no one said anything and Jamie walked on. She had little choice but to cross an open plaza where more people saw her. But other than a couple whistles no one bothered her, and Jamie gained a modicum of confidence that she might make it without having to run or dive into rose bushes.

The last stretch was the most crowded, but Jamie walked through it trying to act as if she did this every day. She could feel her penis bobbling around between her thighs and she looked down at her white breasts so exposed in the sun. To get to the dorm she had to walk down a narrow sidewalk with people coming toward her going the other way. She could see their faces as they first noticed her. It was always a two-part reaction. First they noticed she was naked, and then they noticed she was a herm. But no one reacted negatively. In fact, virtually everyone smiled, and those who looked shocked seemed to be shocked in a delighted way. It was . . . surreal, both because she was naked at all, and also because of the way people reacted to her. Perhaps for the first time Jamie was beginning to believe she might not be a hideous freak after all.

Finally she was at the dorm and hurried to Sam’s room. She most definitely wanted her dress back, but she’d be glad to stay naked longer if it could be in the privacy of Sam’s room.

Sam’s door was closed and there was a piece of notebook paper taped to it saying “Jamie – meet me at Gillian’s.”

Gillian’s? Jamie did not remember being introduced to any Gillian. Then she remembered seeing a “Gillian’s” sign in front of one of the bars across from campus. Jamie was disappointed. She was glad Sam wanted to be with her, but longed for something more private. She walked down to her own room to get her dress, but her door was locked.

No. Surely Sam did not expect her to come to an off-campus bar naked. That was taking the whole crazy game much too far. Jamie wanted to be with Sam, but she wasn’t going to do that. But what would she do instead? Her only article of clothing was locked in her room and Sam had the key.

Jamie was distracted by an increasingly urgent need to pee so she went into the girls’ bathroom and was standing at a urinal relieving herself when the bathroom door swung open and in walked a gray-haired woman carrying a stack of the little hand towels. She did a double-take seeing a naked girl standing at a urinal with one hand on her hip.

“You must be Jamie!” the woman said. “Hi, I’m Betty.” And indeed it said “Betty” on her name tag.

“Um, nice to meet you, Betty,” Jamie said as she flushed the urinal and went to the sinks to wash her hands.

“Did you get yourself locked out?” Betty asked. “I saw you jiggling the handle when I was down the hall.”

Jamie looked at the big ring of keys dangling from Betty’s belt. “That’s right,” she said carefully. “ Could you . . . could you let me in my room?”

“Sure, I can. Mind you, I won’t unlock a door unless I know the girl belongs in it, but I heard they was a herm that just moved in and that must be you cause there couldn’t hardly be two, and Caitlin moved out this morning and didn’t have no roommate so it makes sense this is where Sammy woulda put you.”

As she explained her line of reasoning, Betty led the way to the room and opened the door.

Inside the room, hanging by itself in the closet was Jamie’s yellow dress and Jamie was so happy to see it again. This was great. She’d surprise Sam by showing up at Gillian’s wearing her dress and Sam wouldn’t know how she did it.

But first, Jamie wanted a quick shower to be all fresh. She gathered her things and made absolutely certain that the doorknob was unlocked before she went down the hallway to the showers. As she showered, however, Jamie began to have doubts. Would Sam be impressed at Jamie’s resourcefulness when she showed up in her dress – or disappointed. Not that Jamie had any intention of going naked, but was that what Sam was expecting her to do?

She continued to puzzle over this as she dried her hair in front of the big bathroom mirror. Sam hadn’t actually told her to go naked except when she was on this floor of the dorm, so surely she was free to dress as she wished. But what did Sam really want? Jamie was a little scared of how much of her heart she had already opened up to Sam’s confident smile and muscular arms. Jamie had never been in love before, but she was pretty sure it felt like this.

But Sam was going away in five days! Jamie couldn’t bear to think of that. But maybe Sam would decide not to go. Maybe she’d fall in love with Jamie and decide to stay so that they could be together. If only.

Jamie looked at her reflection in the mirror, making eye contact with herself. You know what Sam wants you to do. If you want her to fall in love with you, then you need to impress her and be the girl she wants. You need to go naked.

Jamie went back to her room and put on her red bead necklace and slipped on her sandals. She had decided, but she didn’t want to think about it too much or she might talk herself out of it. She was going to go naked. She was going to leave her room naked and walk off campus to a bar. Having made this momentous decision, Jamie felt oddly calm as she put on her lipstick and brushed some blush into her pale cheeks. Caitlin had left behind a pair of sunglasses and Jamie put these into her little red purse and slipped the strap over her shoulder. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, and for the first time in her life Jamie actually liked how she looked. But she was so starkly white. She wished she at least had a suntan like other girls did. She picked up her blush and brushed a little on her chest, a little on her breasts and some on her shoulders. Then she rubbed most of it off with her hands.

Okay, time to go, she told herself. She opened the door and turned the switch on the knob so that it would lock when closed. She stepped over the threshold and looked at her yellow dress still hanging in the closet as she slowly began to close the door. But wait; this was crazy. Was she really going to do this? Lock herself out naked when her dress was hanging right there in front of her? Sam. It was for Sam. For a chance – just a chance – that doing this would win Sam’s heart. Jamie firmly closed the door until she felt the doorknob click.

And then she panicked. What a stupid idea! She shook the doorknob and looked around desperately hoping to see Betty still at work, but the hallway was empty. A deep breath. Two. Jamie marched determinedly down the hallway reminding herself of her mission – to make Sam fall in love with her so that Sam would not leave.

Out on the sidewalk Jamie felt incredibly conspicuous in the bright sunshine. Not many people were around, but they all noticed her. She took the sunglasses out of her purse and put them on, and then began striding purposefully toward her destination.

When she reached the edge of campus, people were everywhere and nearly all of them watched her go by. Jamie’s heart was racing, but she hid behind her sunglasses and marched on. No one harassed her or reacted negatively. Quite the opposite, in fact. Some jock girls whistled at her and one of them yelled something she could not quite make out, but other people just watched her go by.

To get to Gillian’s, Jamie had to walk right past the clothing store where she’d bought her yellow dress. They were still having their sale and more dresses were hanging in racks on the sidewalk. Jamie had her debit card and could simply buy a new dress. But no, she could have worn her yellow dress and had decided to stay naked for a reason – to please Sam. And so Jamie walked right past all of those lovely dresses without even slowing down.

And there, down the same street, Jamie saw the “Gillian’s Bong Bar” sign. The bar’s darkened windows reflected like mirrors so Jamie could see herself approaching the door. Inside, it was dark and smoky so Jamie pushed her sunglasses on top of her head and waited for her eyes to adjust. The din of conversation quieted as people began to notice her. Up on the stage, a band was setting up.

She spotted Sam, Lisa and Jenna at a booth near the back and did her best to look casual as she strolled toward them. However, there was no straight path because the haphazard arrangement of the tables. As she zig-zagged among them, Jamie noticed that every table had an oddly shaped glass vase half-filled with water. Smoke rose from some of them yet they did not appear to be candles.

The bar was about half full and Jamie weaved her way among the tables, often having to excuse herself to squeeze between chairs. Everyone was polite and apologetic when they realized they had inadvertently blocked her path, but Jamie still found herself in close quarters – and since she was the only one standing, that meant everyone else was practically at eye level with her midsection.

When she finally made it through to Sam’s booth, Jamie did her best to appear nonchalant. “Hi everybody,” she said brightly.

Sam had been watching her approach, a huge grin on her face. “Well, don’t you look lovely?” she said, standing up to let Jamie slide into the booth. Sam sat back down she scooted close to Jamie and immediately wrapped her long, muscular arm around Jamie’s bare back and shoulder. “Take note of the time, ladies,” she said to the two other girls, “because this is the precise moment I fell in love.”

“Maybe we should leave these two lovebirds alone,” Jenna said to Lisa.

“Yeah, I see some major romance happening here.”

“No, stay,” Jamie surprised herself by saying. She longed to be alone with Sam, but somehow this flirtatious moment required an audience. Then to Sam she said, “you know, you really shouldn’t joke about falling in love. One of these days some poor girl might believe you.”

Before Sam could reply the waitress appeared but not with drinks. Like the other tables, their booth was equipped with one of the odd glass vases and the waitress replaced a tiny ceramic bowl attached to it. As Sam picked up the vase and set fire to the bowl with a lighter Jamie figured it out. Like public nudity, the legalization of marijuana was one of the decadent harbingers of the End Times that the Gated In teachers and preachers had railed about from the pulpit and the classroom. And here Jamie was amid that decadence – now very much a willing participant.

After Sam had inhaled what she could from the smoky glass chimney she slid it over to Jamie to take the rest. And Jamie did. She started to choke as she breathed in the smoke, but managed to catch it and held the smoke in her lungs a few seconds before exhaling.

Sam grinned as Jamie slid the bong across the table to Lisa and Jenna. Her hand was on Jamie’s bare back, her fingers sliding up and down her vertebrae. “Have you done this before?”

Jamie smiled back, feeling confident. “Done what? Smoked pot or sat in a bar naked?”

“Either one.”

“Nope.” Jamie did not want to lie to Sam about anything.

Sam’s roving fingers had now migrated across Jamie’s back and were lightly caressing Jamie’s side, from her hip up close to her underarm, and she said “Jamie, I’m so happy you stayed naked. It’s wonderful.”

That was what Jamie wanted to hear, but she tried to be casual about it. “Well, you did take my dress away from me,” she pointed out, “and you did lock me out of my room.”

“True, and yet I distinctly recall also taking those sandals and locking them in your room with your dress – and yet here you are wearing them. Was it Betty who let you in?”

Jamie did her best to remain nonchalant. “Yes, and I’m glad she did. I wanted to take another shower to freshen up, plus I didn’t want to walk all the way over here barefoot.”

“Heaven’s no. Not barefoot.” Sam chuckled, as the bong came back her way again. “And you decided not to wear that dress.”

Jamie took her second turn at the bong, and was starting to feel it.

“Actually,” she said. “I wanted to wear it, but I thought you’d prefer it if I . . . if I came naked.”

“You thought right.”

“And after I locked myself out, I didn’t have a choice anyway.”

“Oooooh, Jamie, you locked yourself out naked? For little old me?”

“Yes. For you.”

Of the four girls in the booth only Sam was aware that Jamie’s penis was now erect and pointing straight up. Jamie herself had not realized it yet, and Sam hoped to keep it that way for a bit longer.

“So Jamie,” Sam said. “Does this mean you’ll go naked whenever I want you to?”

Jamie hadn’t quite thought ahead about this, but she felt so euphoric, both from the marijuana and the feeling of Sam’s hand on her ribs, touching the underside of her breast. “Yes, Sam,” she said without hesitation. “I’ll go naked whenever you want me to.”

“But Jamie,” Sam whispered, her lips now at Jamie’s ear, “what if I want you to go naked all the time? Everywhere? Always? Would you really do that if I asked you to?”

At that moment, three things happened at once. The band launched into its first song, Sam’s hand cupped and squeezed Jamie’s breast, and Jamie ejaculated, sending a geyser of warm sweat splashing into her face. To Lisa and Jenna, who had not seen what was happening below the tabletop, it looked as if a water balloon had exploded on Jamie’s lap, drenching her face and chest. As sweat dripped from Jamie’s nose and chin, a look of horror began to form on her face. But before Jamie could become overwhelmed with embarrassment, Sam grabbed her head in both hands and kissed her.

Sam had been kissing girls since she was 12, and had gotten quite good at it, but it was Jamie’s first time. It lasted a long time and when their lips parted, Sam’s nose and chin were shiny with Jamie’s sweat and Lisa and Jenna had slipped away to the dance floor.

Jamie was in a swoon, her embarrassment at having splashed herself in public momentarily set aside.

“Come dance with me,” Sam said, and started to scoot out of the booth.

“No!,” Jamie said in fresh alarm. “I don’t want people to see me all sweaty. They’ll know that I . . . that I splashed.”

Sam laughed. “Hmmm, I think I can take care of that for you.” She was out of the booth and pulling Jamie by the hand. As Jamie scooted out of the booth her bottom slid wetly across the bench. Sam led her around the corner to an empty hallway that led to the emergency exit. She pulled up on her bikini top so that her breasts dropped out of it, took Jamie’s head in her hands and began rubbing Jamie’s face against her breasts. Jamie quickly took up the movement on her own, spreading the sweat from her face to Sam’s breasts.

Then Sam pushed her back and rubbed her own face on Jamie’s wet breasts. Straightening up, she pulled Jamie into a hug so their bare bellies could rub against each other, and as she did this Sam used her hands to wipe the sweat from Jamie’s butt up and spread it up her back until it was thin enough to not look shiny.

“How’s that?” Sam asked, stepping back and pulling at Jamie’s hand again to lead her to the dance floor.

“I think you missed a spot.”

“I promise to be more thorough next time. Now c’mon and dance with me.”

Jamie had never danced before, but as a herm talented at music and rhythm, dancing was as natural as walking and she loved the beats she had been hearing in popular music. Sam was a good dancer, but her steps were not particularly complicated. Soon Jamie was letting herself go to the music, impressing Sam and everyone else. They did not stop until the band took a break, and Jamie stood leaning against Sam’s nearly naked chest. They were both sweaty again, but this time it came from their pores.

They went outside to cool off and Jamie was surprised that it was still daylight after so much time in the darkened bar. It was raining a little and they stood out in it cooling off. Sam kissed her and for a long time they just stood there kissing on the sidewalk as people walked by.

“Do you want to stay for the next set,” Sam asked, “or go—“

“To your room,” Jamie finished. “I want to . . . be alone with you. If you want.”

“Oh, I want.” Sam gave her another big kiss and in the middle of it there was a flash of lightning in the distance followed a second later by a rolling boom.

They strolled across campus arm in arm while a few sprinkles of rain turned into a steady shower and then a downpour, but their only haste was in their eagerness to be alone together in Sam’s room. Sam had very long legs and Jamie had to run and skip along beside her to keep pace, but that was okay too because Jamie did not want to stop dancing just because the music was gone.

All evening Jamie had been fantasizing about pulling the string that held on Sam’s skimpy bikini top. Now as the storm worsened and they began to run, Jamie deftly yanked the string, releasing Sam’s unsuspecting breasts. Because the top had no shoulder straps it fell completely off before Sam even realized it. Jamie scooped it up off the grass and ran ahead.

Thunder rolled heavily over their heads and rain fell in blankets as Sam chased Jamie up the steps of the dorm. Jamie burst through the main door giggling and Sam was at her heels when they both realized that the lobby was filled with parents and students attending a formal reception marking the end of the school year. The girls collided wetly and stifled their laughter as everyone looked up at them.

In Sam’s room, Jamie had an erection before their bodies hit the mattress, but Sam took control. She knew this was Jamie’s first time so she wanted it to be slow and special. Jamie could not contain herself and immediately splashed them both, adding to the rainwater to keep their bodies slippery wet against each other. Sam was surprised how quickly Jamie had another erection, and this time it lasted longer, but as Sam caressed it Jamie splashed again.

“Jeez,” Sam said. “How many times in a row can you do that?”

“I’ve never counted,” Jamie said. “And I’ve never . . . had help before.”

“I know, Jamie,” Sam said, enveloping Jamie in her arms, but keeping one hand on Jamie’s now-limp penis. “That’s okay. I’m just glad you chose me to share this experience with. You could have anyone. You’re so sweet and beautiful and I — oh my god, you’ve got another one already?”

This time, Sam rolled onto her back, easily pulling the 105-pound Jamie up on top of her. “Okay, you little erection machine,” she said, holding Jamie in a tight hug, “let’s see what you’ve got, girl.”  Her hands on Jamie’s butt cheeks, Sam positioned their torsos until Jamie felt the tip of her penis get warm and snug. Holding Sam’s face and looking deep into her eyes, Jamie inched her body upwards and gasped as she felt her penis slide into Sam’s vagina.

This time, Jamie lasted quite a long time, until Sam was moaning at every stroke. When Jamie could hold it no longer, she splashed inside of Sam with such force it propelled her a few inches down Sam’s body. The impact of Jamie’s ejaculation triggered Sam’s own orgasm and for a long while afterwards they both lay in dreamy silence.

“So,” Sam said. “This is the part where we tell each other our life stories. Tell me where you grew up.”

Jamie stiffened and said, “someplace I just want to forget. Let’s talk about you first.”

And so Sam told her story. She had always been a star athlete at any sport she cared to play When she was 17, that was beach volleyball and she made the Olympic team, won a gold medal, got her picture on the cover of magazines and met Queen Elaine. After the Olympics, Sam switched to basketball in time to win a provincial championship her senior year.

At Scarborough she made Varsity her freshman year and in her sophomore year she led S.U. to the national championship. They were on their way to a repeat championship her junior year, but during that game Sam was knocked down, and slammed her head hard against the hardwood floor. She was in a coma for two weeks, but came out of it okay – except that her basketball career was over.

“Oh my god, I remember that!” Jamie cried. “That was you?”

“I’m impressed,” Sam said. “I didn’t know the national sports news made it into those Gated In places.”

“Sometimes it did,” Jamie replied. “Hey, how did you know I grew up Gated In.”

“I didn’t know. I guessed.”

Jamie was silent for a moment and then said, “Did you also guess they raised me as a boy?”

“Oh my god, no! Until you were how old?”

“Until . . . yesterday,” Jamie whispered and began to cry. Sam held her as Jamie told Sam everything. Sam cried too, and cursed the people who did that to her.

“But I always knew I was really a girl,” Jamie said. “I stopped saying it because I knew it would have made me even more of a freak than the freak I already was.”

“You were NEVER a freak!” Sam said. “I hate those people.”

“I don’t hate them,” Jamie said sadly. “I’m just glad to be away from there.“

Sam held her close and after a while they dozed a little, but then Sam’s phone went off and she picked it up and looked at the screen. “Oh, I forgot — the damn dorm party. It’s our unofficial end-of- year thing and I really need to go. Come with me? As my date?”

“I would love to,” Jamie said, happy that Sam wanted people to know they were a couple now. The girls got out of bed and Sam started getting dressed. Jamie’s dress was back in her room, but her room key was right there on Sam’s dresser. Jamie picked it up and was formulating in her mind a humorous way of asking permission to go get her dress.

But no. The party was in the dorm basement. After all the places Jamie had gone naked, what would Sam think if she asked for her dress now? They were a couple now, so surely Sam was not still going to leave her in four days – or would she? They hadn’t talked about it – why hadn’t they talked about it?

All of this rushed through Jamie’s mind in the span of two or three seconds as she held the room key in her hand. Sam, who had been putting on her jeans, noticed Jamie had the key in her hands just as Jamie made her decision.

“I might need this later,” Jamie said, opening her little red purse and dropping the key inside. Then she got out her lipstick and leaned close to the mirror to put it on. Sam finished dressing as Jamie fussed with her hair and put her earrings back on. Sam was done and ready to go. She stood there looking at Jamie with a big grin on her face.

Jamie turned to face her and innocently said, “I’m going to leave my purse here – and it’s okay if I go barefoot, isn’t it?”

“That sounds perfect,” Sam said, opening the door. “So . . . are you ready to go.”

“Of course,” Jamie said, stepping out the door first. “Will there be any food? I’m a little hungry.”

They went down the hallway arm in arm — Sam wearing a t-shirt and jeans with flip-flops, and Jamie wearing only her red bead necklace and earrings.

The big room in the dorm basement was decorated like a bar but was never officially stocked with alcohol. The girls always brought their own bottles and bongs which were lined up on the bar for anyone to share.

About 40 girls were already dancing and drinking, plus a few shy boyfriends. The girls all gave a shout of welcome to Sam, the most popular R.A. in the dorm. Everyone had heard there was a nude herm on campus, but only a few had actually seen her.  And now, when they saw Jamie entering the room on Sam’s arms it made sense.  If any woman could be confident enough to date a herm, it was Sam McCain.

Each of the girls wanted to tell Sam how much she had meant to them throughout the year, and each girl wanted to be introduced to the amazing naked herm. That Sam and Jamie were a couple was plenty obvious. When they were standing, Sam not only kept her arm around Jamie, but kept her hand squarely on Jamie’s beautifully bare butt cheek. When they sat on one of the couches, Sam pulled Jamie down onto her lap and caressed her skin as everyone else gathered around them. They were, without question, the focal point of the party.

Although Jamie would have much preferred not to be doing this naked, she was actually enjoying herself. She adored how Sam was treating her, and she could barely sit still because of the music. All her life she’d been limited to church hymns, but now she was bobbing her head and tapping her bare foot to every song they played. And now she watched attentively as across the room a few girls were testing a microphone stand on a small stage.

“What’s that for?” she asked Sam.

“Oh, they’re setting up the damned karaoke machine again. I hope you’re prepared for really bad singing by drunk chicks.” Jamie must have looked puzzled because Sam added, “oh you probably didn’t have karaoke, did you? Well, just watch and you’ll see how it works.”

Up on the stage three girls who indeed seemed quite drunk started singing along to an old rhythm and blues song while the karaoke machine played the music tracks and displayed the lyrics on a teleprompter screen. The girls were terrible singers, but Jamie was enchanted by it. After the third off-key performance, she said to Sam, “I want to do that”

Sam was surprised because as yet she knew nothing of Jamie’s musical background, nor did she fully understand how artistic talent was magnified by hermaphrodite genetics. Sam led her to the stage and showed her how to flip through the selections on the teleprompter screen. Jamie did not know many songs, but remembered those she’d heard. There was one popular song in particular that she’d first heard at the airport. She wanted to sing it to Sam, and when she found it she punched in the code.

Unlike the other girls at the party, Jamie was not drunk. She had consumed less than a half a glass of wine and was no longer under the influence of the pot she’d smoked in the bar. She was standing on stage in front of a crowd that had by now grown to 60 or 70 people, but that part didn’t bother her. One of the few things she had much experience at was singing in front of an audience – she had just never done it naked before.

The music started and Jamie launched into the song perfectly, with a voice so full and clear that everyone immediately realized this would not be the usual karaoke performance. A dozen cellphone video cameras came out to capture the moment.

Jamie was comfortable with the song, having heard parts of it three or four times. She’d chosen this song because the refrain of the chorus was “Choose me. Baby, please choose me.” The lyrics were about a girl who realizes that the girl she loves is also dating someone else, but for Jamie it was about whether Sam would move away for that job or stay with Jamie. So every time the chorus came around again, Jamie plaintively belted out the words “choose me, baby please choose me,” and she sang it directly to Sam, who watched her wide-eyed in surprise. Everyone else was surprised as well because Jamie’s voice was so beautiful and polished, her delivery so perfect. No matter what they’d been told about why herms were so special, this was the first time any of them had witnessed it in person.

At the end, Jamie held the final note much longer than on the original recording, and when she finished the room erupted in applause. Jamie was tickled by this because back at church no one applauded because it might instill vanity in the performer and doom her to a fiery damnation.

When Jamie came down from the stage she was enveloped by excited girls and Sam had to assert herself physically to get to Jamie’s side. Jamie loved the attention she was getting. She wanted to hug every girl who came up to her, but she was feeling a familiar sensation down below. If she didn’t leave soon, she was going to have an erection. Jamie whispered in Sam’s ear, “let’s go back upstairs.”

Since no one wanted to follow Jamie’s electrifying performance, the karaoke machine was packed up again, and the party began to wind down when it became clear that Sam and Jamie were leaving.

Jamie could not ignore the girls who were calling her name, so she waved back at them as Sam led her to the stairwell. The timing was good because as they reached the stairs Jamie’s penis was erect. No one else was around but Sam so Jamie did not try to hide it, but she wanted to get back to Sam’s room before anyone else happened along. She ran up the stairs and Sam followed, giving her pats on the butt as Jamie took two steps at a time.

They tumbled into Sam’s room and fell onto the still-damp bedsheets. Sam climbed between Jamie’s legs and began to kiss her in all of the places she knew Jamie loved. After Jamie splashed herself, Sam climbed up to her face and kissed her as their bodies slid slipperily against each other. And eventually they slept.

The writings of Molly McMann